The report is available here:
"This edition of the GCR analyzes the competitiveness
of Belize for the first time. The country ranks
123rd, due to weak institutions (120th), especially in
terms of lack of security (122nd), poor infrastructure,
and an insufficient level of competition that hinders
efficient allocation of resources in the goods market.
Moreover, while the country scores well in terms of
primary education enrollment with virtually universal
schooling, the rate of people attending higher education
is very low (105th), as is the quality of the overall
educational system (126th). Policies addressing these
weaknesses will help boosting the competitive edge of
the country."
The Most Problematic Factors for Doing Business
Crime and Theft 15.3
Tax rates 12.2
Access to financing 11.5
Corruption 11.0
Inefficient government bureaucracy 9.5
Policy instability 8.3
Poor work ethic in national labor force 7.0
Inadequate supply of infrastructure 6.8
Foreign currency regulations 3.8
Inadequately educated workforce 3.8
Inflation 3.6
Government instability/coups 3.4
Tax regulations 2.3
Restrictive labor regulations 1.1
Poor public health 0.5

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