Dear Honorable Minister Joy Grant:

I have in the past expressed my consternation regarding the price for and availability of high speed internet in Belize. I recently wrote to the so called 'Customer Relations Manager' of BTL. Her remarks regarding the internet are and were at complete odds with what is going to be necessary to overcome the current business malaise in Belize.

It is not only that the price for this service is ridiculously high and the service ridiculously bad but also that the people responsible seem to think that BTL is a 'milch cow' to be used to extract the most money from the residents of Belize while providing the least service. It boggles the imagination that Belize and Haiti are on the same level in this regard. There is no reason for this as everything is in place, save the willingness and perseverance of the management, to provide reasonable internet service at a reasonable price.

Belize with English as it's official language is in an ideal position to leverage those language skills, the warm personalities of it's people, and the relative low cost of internet infrastructure into an engine for growth of the economy. However, in my estimation until you rid the BTL of the lazy, slovenly, and disinterested management that is in place I fear nothing good will happen.

I am not an expert in technology but I am pretty skillful in developing strategies to harness technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness and I would be more than happy to volunteer my time and skills in any situation where there seemed to be a possibility of improving the situation that currently exists.

It hurts me so to see a country and people that I have so much admiration for trapped in a cycle of poverty and corruption simply because the people in charge choose to do so. No one can blame Lord Ashcroft or any outsider for the current operations of BTL much less their arrogant and condescending attitude. I disagree completely with nationalization but now that it is done it is scandalous that this precious resource is being squandered by people that simply don't care.

Kind Regards,

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