Great 60 minute video with 277 species of birds from all around Cayo and Belize. You can buy the DVD, and all the proceeds are solely for the benefit of Belizean non-profit/NGOs and education in Belize.

This is the most recent version (Version 8) of The Birds of Belize DVD which now covers 277 species. Filmed entirely in Belize beginning in 2005, it now includes film from 2012 which covers species not recorded in previous versions as well as improved film of some species that were included in prior versions. This particular video segment represents just the main body of the DVD. Also included on the DVD is an introduction to the DVD and the credits and locations where the DVD was filmed. Those DVD segments are posted separately in this YouTube channel. The video quality of the DVD is better than what YouTube can display. The physical DVD can also be selected by "chapter", making the location of a particular species or family more convenient. As always, all proceeds from the sale of the DVD are for the benefit of non-profit/NGOs and education in Belize. The DVD is available at many locations throughout Belize, including The Belize Zoo, Programme for Belize field stations, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Community Baboon Sanctuary, and through many lodges including Chan Chich Lodge. Hidden Valley Inn and Blancaneaux Lodge. The DVD may also be purchased through eBay