The Three Angels Pre School in San Pedro is under scrutiny tonight after a police report was made that a 3 and a 1/2 year old boy was molested at the school.

The boy's grandmother took him to the police station last Friday to make the report. The San Pedro Sun reports that the child has been checked by two doctors who certified the child presented signs that he has been sexually molested.

The Sun reports that "the school's principal called an emergency meeting with the Parents Teachers Association on Wednesday evening where she discussed the situation.

She told the parents that she was surprised when "she learnt from unofficial sources that the incident had allegedly occurred on the school grounds."

The Sun reports that she explained to the parents that it is highly unlikely that the alleged sexual molestation occurred on campus since there are three teachers at the school and generally the children are not left unattended.

At this point it is just an allegation and the investigation is ongoing. Police have not detained anyone - and the Ministry of Education says it is in the hands of the police.

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3 year old boy sexually abused in San Pedro

On Wednesday, a pre-school in Belize City was attacked by armed robbers. The teacher was held at gunpoint in front of the classroom of four year old children. If that was not enough to shock everyone there is a report coming out of San Pedro Town tonight of a despicable incident. The family of a three and a half year old boy is alleging that the child has been sexually molested at the preschool he attends. The incident allegedly occurred sometime last week and a report was made to the San Pedro Police Station. According to police, the child has been checked by two doctors; a private doctor and another at the San Pedro Polyclinic two. Both reportedly confirm that there are signs of abuse. The grandmother of child visited the Police Station last Thursday and made the report that her grandson had been sexually molested and that she had taken him to a private doctor. There was a follow up visit to the public health facility in San Pedro. The principal of the school called an emergency meeting with the Parent Teachers Association where she discussed the situation in detail on Wednesday night. She told the parents that she was informed by the family members of the situation. The Principal stated that she heard second hand that the abuse had happened on the school compound, but said it is highly unlikely since there are three teachers at any given time and the children are not left unattended. The Ministry of Education told News Five this afternoon that they are aware of the incident and strongly denounce it, but it is now a police matter and they could not comment further. An investigation is now ongoing.

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