San Pedro Western Union robbery caught on camera

Police in San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye are looking for two known suspects for the armed robbery of the Milo’s Center branch of Western Union situated at Ambergris Lake Villas. The incident took place shortly before three on Friday evening when two dark skin male persons, pretended as wanting to do a transaction, held up and hit the lone employee and made good their escape with the over three thousand dollars in cash and other belongings. News Five spoke to the well shaken employee, Bernice Gutierrez who explained what happened.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Ambergris Lake Villas Office which serves as the Western Union Branch in San Pedro was robbed on Friday afternoon. Surveillance cameras recorded the entire incident, including the robbery of three thousand dollars and the assault of the employee.

Bernice Gutierrez, Victim, Milo’s Center Western Union Office

“The faces were detected by the surveillance cameras in the office. I didn’t really know the persons—like face or name or anything. And that’s what I reported.”

Bernice Gutierrez

Bernice Gutierrez, understandably shaken, recalled the encounter with the two assailants.

Bernice Gutierrez

“I was getting ready to balance the transactions I made that day. And I was sitting down counting the money just making sure that everything was right. Then two gentlemen came in; they kinda forced the door open because I usually have it locked due to the fact that I have money in there. So it kind of cautioned me a little, but the gentlemen came in and asked if I still do Western Union and I said yes. As they were looking for their ID, it was a surprise to me instead of an ID one of them took out a gun and the next one took out a knife and told me to make I hand them all the money. I told them that the money is here. You can take whatever you want just want to harm me. And then they pushed me against the wall and with the point of the gun, hit me on the side of my head and then with the bottom of the gun, the man punched me in the nose. And they just throw me to the floor. As I was on the floor, I was bleeding. They just took the cash I had; they took the laptop and my personal phone. Then before leaving they kick me like three times and then they went to the front but I really didn’t see which way they went. I just stayed on the floor lying down to be safe that they were gone. I just came out and luckily one of the guests at Ambergris Lake was entering the premises and I just asked him for assistance and he lend me his phone and therefore I called my boss and my dad. And from then the police just reach and investigate and saw the scene of crime.

The police are looking for two suspects; however, no arrests have been made as yet. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

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