No love at One Love Store as 2 gunmen hold up clerk

While visitor numbers are up, crime is also escalating in the prime tourist destination, San Pedro. Before eleven o’clock this morning there was another broad daylight armed robbery. Two armed men stormed into the One Love store situated in the DFC area and held up the lone shop attendant and a customer at gun point. Seventeen year old Amid Harmouch was at the store when the two masked men, each brandishing a silver gun, entered the store and demanded money. Harmouch was ordered to lie down on the ground. As the thieves were emptying the cash register, a female customer entered the store and was also held at gunpoint. She managed to break loose, ran out of the store and began screaming for help. The armed men then exited the business taking with them an undisclosed amount of cash, a Toshiba laptop and Nokia phone. Residents in the area said that the men jumped on separate bicycles and escaped. The Police responded shortly but no arrest has been made. One Love Store is the second business establishment on Ambergris Caye to be held up at gun point in less than a week. The Western Union Branch at Ambergris Lake Villas was held at gun point on Friday evening and there was a home invasion at Casa Caracol where a visitor was stabbed.

Channel 5

The crime situation is fast spinning out of control in San Pedro Town, as yet another business establishment was held up at gun point in broad day light. One Love Store, situated in the DFC Area was the latest business targeted by armed thieves. The lone storekeeper, 17 year old Amid Harmouch was held up by two men shortly before 11AM on Wednesday, October 24th.

Speaking to The San Pedro Sun, Harmouch said that sometime before 11AM, he noticed two brown-skinned males of Creole descent on separate bicycles approaching the entrance of the store. The two men had their faces covered when they entered the store and went over to Harmouch, each pointing what appeared to be silver guns. The men then demanded that Harmouch handover the cash from the cash register. Harmouch explained that he was very nervous and agitated, so he was ordered to lie down in the corner of the store. Fearing for his life, the shopkeeper complied.

Just as the men stormed the cash register, a female customer entered into the store. At that point one of the armed men pointed his pistol at the lady. The woman, who choose to remain anonymous said, “Just as I was going into the shop I was standing at the entrance, one of the men took and pointed a gun at me. I think they figured that I saw what was happening so they pointed the gun at me. I took the risk and I ran outside and began screaming. The two men, who had masks and were armed, decided to hurry. I saw when they began taking out the money from the cash register and grabbed a laptop and a cell phone ran out of the shop.”

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