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The San Pedro Sun

ACES welcomes Halloween 2012 with their annual Halloween Fair
Ambergris Caye Elementary School (ACES) held its annual Halloween fair on Friday October 19th at the Central Park. It was a not-so-scary Halloween event for the most part, as enthusiastic and expressive children dressed as witches, and princesses, spotted eagle ray and even their favorite pop stars instead of scary monsters and ghouls. Kids were encouraged to dress in their costumes with a chance to win fun prizes for the funniest, most original and the cutest costume. Students and patrons got a chance to enjoy fun games such as the ‘pitch-till-you-win’ – which is a very interesting game requiring that you knock down six of ten cans to win a prize. There was also the ring toss, the duck pond, wheel of fortune and the ever popular Tombola. Teacher Phillip raised the bar by creating his haunted house under the palapa, complete with coffin, corpse, zombies, tombstones and skeletons crawling out of the sand.

Boca del Rio Park Palapa Burned Down
San Pedro police were notified about a fire in progress at the Boca del Rio Park on Wednesday morning, October 17th. They notified the San Pedro Fire Department at 12:10am, who quickly responded to the scene. According to Chief Fire Fighter at the San Pedro Fire Department, Mr. Ernest Dominguez, when fire personnel arrived at the scene the palapa was engulfed in flames and had burned half way. Quick response allowed the fire fighters to extinguish the flames. No one at the scene was able to provide any information as to what happened to cause the fire. Dominguez stated that there were neither electrical wires nor any ignition source in or around the immediate area of the palapa. As such, it is apparent that the fire was caused by some other source. However, with the lack of eye-witnesses, the investigation has to come to a halt.

Ambergris Today

Road to Recovery for Addicts at House of Hope
San Pedro Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (SPADAI) is an organization here on the island working arduously to help those with a drug and alcohol addiction to recover from their addictions and become better productive citizens. One of the most recent projects that the group has carried out is picking up of loafers (most with an alcohol addiction) who are in public places. SPADAI along with the San Pedro Police and Councilor Wally Nuñez are doing this to clean up the island for the betterment of the community and to help these people with addictions. Currently SPADAI takes these men/women with addictions and sends them to either to Remar in Belize City or to rehab center in Mexico called Milagro. Although there are traditional support groups such as Alcoholic Anonymous here on the island there is no rehabilitation center for them to keep these people here and offer support and help them to recover from their addiction.

Belizean Businesses Start Rejecting US Currency
Belize’s currency is pegged at $2Bz for $1US. Using American currency in Belize has never been an issue as most establishments accept the currency for payment. But until just recently island folk have started complaining that most, if not all businesses, are giving a hard time accepting US currency. Some business have put up signs that read, “Due to new bank rules we are not accepting any US bills that are torn, old or have any markings on it”. And when it comes to bank deposits and credit card payments, customers have been getting frustrated when most US bills have been rejected. Ambergris Today spoke with a representative of the Central Bank of Belize who stated that they have not issued any rules to any banks stating that they are not accepting the US Currency but that it might be that each bank has set up their own policies and standards in regards to the matter.

Misc Belizean Sources

Free speech by GMike
On Monday and Tuesday of this week, Plus tv featured an interesting exposé about the citrus industry of Belize. Citrus is one of Belize’s major money earners, right up there with sugar, fisheries and tourism. The problem is that as is the case with tourism and sugar, the citrus company is in danger of falling under foreign ownership and control. Louis Wade and Patrick Andrews, the two journalists who host the show, gave some revealing statistics and damning evidence of certain questionable goings-on within the citrus industry. During the Monday broadcast, Mr. Wade read a text whereas someone informed him that a window in his car had been smashed. Of course, there are several scenarios that could explain what happened. A mischievous child might have thrown a rock, someone wanted to burglarize the car or there was someone upset with the family about a totally unrelated matter. There is however, the distinct possibility that this was an attempt to send a message to Mr. Wade. “Back off or face the consequences.” In a television interview later that evening, Wade’s wife informed that she did not plan to even file a police report and was not paying the incident much mind. Not a wise decision.

Belize bus transport operators have been in negotiations with government regarding rates. They are asking for $0.16/mile, while government has apparently agreed on a $0.10/mile across the board rate. But the bus owners are not only talking about increase in rates….they are also requesting duty-exemption on the fuel. Bus transport is of great importance to Belizeans, as most Belizeans travel to and from work by bus….and the cost of transportation is now taking up to 20% of a semi-skilled workers salary. Belize bus transportation is currently of two categories….the regular service, which stops at any point to pick up and drop off passengers…and the express service , which is a non-stop service in between the major transportation hubs. These different services do not currently factor in QUALITY of service....nor difficulty of traversing terrain. The express service is already charging BZ$0.12/mile….and there is no consumer tax on bus transportation. The buses are mostly over 20 years old, and regularly experience break downs. In Mexico and Guatemala….the bus transport system has been developed along the lines of quality of service….also taking into consideration the terrain of the various routes.

VIDEO: Caribbean Reef Sharks, Blue Hole, Belize

Good news/bad news for ocean miracles
One of the wonders of the oceans is the reef off Southern Belize called the Gladden Spit. Literally millions of cubera snappers, mutton snappers and dogtooth snappers converge to lay their trillions and trillions of eggs. It could forever be one of the greatest tourist attractions for Belize and it is incredibly important for these species that the Gladden Spit is protected. Very sadly the OceanElders were told that the Government is allowing fishing boats to wade in and this miracle of nature could get wiped out, leaving Belize and the world poorer for it. The Grand Cayman Islands are an example of the opposite kind of behaviour. Millions of groupers go there to spawn in the winter and the whole ocean is full of them. The Government have just voted in a perpetual ban on fishing them, which will not only benefit the Caymans, but the countries around them. They deserve full praise for their move.

VIDEO: Diving Belize with Mischa and Maria- Victoria Canyons
Sponsored Lionfish Awareness Dive, The Belize Barrier Reef, San Pedro Ambergris Caye

VIDEO: Lamanai Belize, High Temple, U.S. Military Helicoptors?
Eco Tour day trip from San Pedro to Lamanai...surpriseingly and unexpected guest from the sky. We usually see Dragonflys and Howler Monkeys from here, today was a first for aircraft. Tour Operator, Seaduced by Belize, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Belize Zoo Improves Accessibility
The Belize Zoo is making their walkways more accessible. They are calling it the SHED project, meaning Stroller-Handicap-Elderly-Disabled, and they plan to be done on December 12th. They had their SHED consultant, Jerome Flores, out to experience the progress. Good job, TBZ! "The contrast between the loose-gravel pathway and the SHED upgrade, is truly something to applaud. No longer will guests who are not as mobile as some of us, be left out from a fun zoo visit. There is still much to do, but even with our recent rainy spells, good progress is being made. At this time, the SHED pathway skirts around the jaguar area of the zoo. This is because work is currently going on there to provide Black Jaguar Lucky Boy with his new home."

Photography Workshop pictures
The Benque House of Culture is doing a digital photography workshop this week. Here are pictures from the first night. "Art & Culture Exchange Argentina & Belize, through Proyecto Cruz Del Sur, NICH, CACHE, SISE HOC, Benque HOC & Mount Carmel High SChool, photography session # 1 manual mounting of images, and history of pop art a highly interactive session, the fusion and creativity was highlighted"

SHJC Self Defense Class
Sacred Heart Junior College had Karma Senge, from Primal Survival, come in to teach the basics of self defense. This was the first of 3 sessions that he'll be teaching at SHJC. The next are next week Wednesday and Friday. Here's a great video from the event:

Pumpkin Pie
I decided to use the stewed pumpkin from the prior video to make a delicious pie. Using the sweet pie dough as an outer shell, I put the flesh of the pumpkin as the filling. This pie is sweet and the crust is flaky.

What to expect from Halloween on Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker with it’s multi cultural population holds this tradition high and for those of us that have been around for years, it is one that we cherish. This weekend (on Saturday 27th October) the ‘adult’ part of halloween – the costume party, will be held … commencing at 88 West with their Halloween Monster Bash, following on to the Lazy Lizard at the Split and then last but not least the Oceanside till 4am!! Prizes galore will be given out and much will be had to drink during this process. And the best thing is that Halloween is traditionally rained out but this year’s forecast is for glorious weather under the prospect of a full moon – too much fun!! For those of you who do not live in a community like Caye Caulker it would be hard to imagine the enjoyment of this spectacle. The whole island becomes alive – at least 250 people that we all know and love will make an enormous effort to disguise themselves under their costume. With their costume persons takes on a new identity or character and this always proves absolutely hilarious!! Can you imagine your local postman or bank clerk coming at you as Frankenstein or similar???? I can guarantee you that a costume to the party is not a pre-requisite as 50% will not dress up but just come along to enjoy the fun – this is no problem as, in my experience, there is always enough of those who have made the effort to go around. This night is like no other and with very little tourists on the island, the local contingent is always in full force and ready to enjoy Halloween. The kids version or the ‘trick or treat’ element of Halloween will always be observed the traditional 31st October – nice and early as it is a school night!! So if you are on or near Caye Caulker, come join us – you will not be disappointed!! Please understand that we are almost at the end of high season, festivities and a reason to celebrate has been low on our agenda but now high season is around the corner. This twinned with a Belizean’s natural flair for the creative.

Happy to Be Ants Free!
A couple months ago I moved in to my beautiful dream home and it was a very special day for me; I finally had a place of my own to share rich moments with my beautiful wife. I am not here to talk about that though, but about something that has been bothering me since I moved into my new house -- "Ants Infestation". Since my house is still in construction I find a lot of little unwelcome creatures crawling around the house. I guess they make it through the cracks of the house. At first I thought my major problem was going to be roaches since my yard is rich in grass, but that wasn't the case here. Instead a huge colony of ants made their way in and invaded my territory. Ants have literately overpowered my land and have managed to build at least one ants castle every 10 cubic feet. So my yard is currently an ants mine, so to speak. If you manage to walk around my yard without getting an ant bite then consider yourself lucky partner; or your blood just taste awfully bitter, they don't like that. I have had huge headaches lately because every-time I reach home from work, I see a pack of ants marching with leftover food in and out of my house. So I decided to go on-line and search for a solution. While searching on Google I saw small little newly-born ants crawling inside my laptop keyboard and that is when...

Channel 7

Guatemalans Detained After Conducting Strange Survey In Belize
Very little is known tonight about a group of Guatemalans who are being held by police after undertaking what authorities consider a suspicious survey. Only sketchy details are known, but earlier this week the Immigration Department picked up the group in southern Belize - and - according to our sources, briefly considered charging them for espionage activities. But then they were taken into the custody of police - which is where they remain tonight. We asked the Minister of National Security about the curious case today:.. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "Yes we are aware of some Guatemalans being held. I am not do sure if it is accurate to say they were doing a mapping exercise but they were certainly doing some sort of survey in the area questioning people and asking various questions of the residence in that area. They were detained, they were questioned, they were found to be legal in the country with proper permits and it is still under investigation."

Police Have No Leads, No Motive In Schakron Murder
Belize City is still recovering from yesterday's stunning murder of 51 year old businessman Alfred Schakron. It happened on Coney Drive in broad daylight - and investigators say the fatal shots were fired by men who drove a 2003 Ford Escape. Eyewitnesses told 7news that Schakron and the men appeared to be having an argument in Arabic before the shooting. But, that is about all that is known tonight. There is no known motive, no suspects and no trace of the vehicle. The officer commanding Eastern Division Elodio Aragon today told the media they have set up a special multi-department team to investigate. We also spoke with the Minister of National Security who underscored what a ministry press release said yesterday: that the execution of two Lebanese descent men in 24 hours is not a part of the current crime wave: Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "It doesn't appear to follow the pattern of crime that we have been experiencing over the last few months and that this appears to be an act totally out of the norm in terms of the crime that we've been seeing recently and that it certainly appears to us an orchestrated hit against both business persons and we are looking into it to see the possibility of them being connected."

Why Does US Want Khaled El Turk?
And lurking in the background of all this Lebanese community turmoil is another Lebanese name, Khaled El Turk. He was picked up last week by the ADU and is being held at the Hattieville prison - reportedly for the possession of a single round of ammunition. Reports to us say that he is wanted by US authorities and we asked the police minister about his detention today:... Jules Vasquez "Khalid El Turk, this is a man who was detained supposedly with one round of ammunition. His people say he had no such round. The ADU detained him, he is now at Hattieville. He is Lebanese extraction and I understand United States is interested in this person." Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "Yes and we are currently awaiting the submissions and to see what will be done with him. It is indeed my understanding that there is an interest in having him extradited to the US."

Sandy Swamped Jamaica
Hurricane Sandy started to take shape as a tropical storm off the coast of Nicaragua early this week and tonight, she is a powerful Category 2 storm doing damage in the Bahamas. The storm has claimed at least two lives in the Caribbean as she grazed past Haiti, and ploughed through Jamaica, Cuba and now the Bahamas. In Jamaica, Sandy dumped heavy rains, downed power lines, and forced hundreds to seek emergency shelter. Jamaica's power company reports that 70 per cent of its customers were without power. Police ordered a 48-hour curfew to deter looters. A 74-year-old person was reportedly killed when a boulder rolled onto his house.

Indian Interns Pull Disappearing Act
Tonight, bosses at the Archives and Records Service in Belmopan are scratching their head after three Indian University students who came to Belize for an internship have disappeared without a trace. Amandeep Singh Brar, Parminder Singh and Gurmukh Singh arrived in Belize on Sunday afternoon for a one-week internship at the Archives Department. They were supposedly transfer students from the Archives and Information Studies programme at the Dr. Hari Singh Gour University in India. A person identifying himself as the Director of International Training had made the arrangements for them. It seemed legit - until they showed up for work on Monday and appeared clueless. Now, usually internships are for those already in a field of study, but these students told the folks at Archives that they were just beginning their studies.

What About Boco?
Two weeks ago we asked Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington about Kevin Kelly known as Boco-T. He was killed in police custody in May of 2012, but his family has not gotten any compassionate grant from the government. That is contrasted with the treatment afforded to the family of Guatemalan Francisco Quinn Yat. He was killed in Belize by a BDF soldier 20 days ago. Government has said it is putting ten thousand US dollars to the OAS Peace Fund for disbursement to his family. Foreign Minister Elrington told us that the consequence of not giving a grant to Boco-T's family is far less grave than not giving the Guatemalan family. Boco-T's family reached out to us to comment on that. They told us that no one has even contacted them to update them on the investigation - if there is one:.. Lorna Wade - Common Law Wife of Deceased "Up to yet his mother and I don't hear anything. No police, no one contact us. We want to do a lawsuit, but we can't because nobody gives us any kind of information. The most we hear is that they were on interdiction but after that we didn't hear anything more."

Is Diplomacy Turning the BDF Into Toy Soldiers?
The diplomatic crisis between Belize and Guatemala - if there ever was one - has been defused. Relations appear to be just about back to normal after a meeting in Guatemala City on Monday. Unofficial information from inside those meetings is that privately Guatemalan Foreign Minister Harold Caballeros had to back track on inflammatory remarks he had made in early October. But while relations are back to normal - we're not sure we can say the same for the BDF's rules of engagement along the Western border. The Prensa Libre reports that coming out of Monday's meeting in Guatemala, the Government of Belize has decided that the BDF will only use rubber bullets and stun-guns to prevent further deaths. That sounds to some like an emasculation of the armed forces in an area of Belizean territory known to be hostile. We asked the National Security Minister about it:.. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "What we have been doing at this time is a review of the terms of engagement as it were and the instructions that our BDF has when they go out there with respect to when they confront or engage persons in the area. We are currently reviewing that and very shortly we will finalize a new protocol that hopefully can resolve or can help us to avoid the fatalities that have been occurring in the area. Certainly the BDF will continue to carry live rounds but I would want to say that perhaps in addition to carrying live rounds they may also carry some non-lethal weapons. But the thought of BDF not taking lethal weapons is not under consideration. But we may add non-lethal weapons so that they may have other options when they are confronted."

BTL/BEL Nationalizations Exhaust Court Of Appeals
For the past 3 weeks, the October Session of the Court of Appeal has been overrun with cases involving the BEL and BTL acquisitions of 2011. But, the BEL/BTL case is not the only appeal which was put on the schedule and the court has had to make major adjustments to allow all those appeals to be fully heard, which has caused them to become over-worked. Today, they still had to hear 2 applications from both the Government of Belize and Dean Boyce, Trustee of the Employees Trust, both parties in the BTL acquisition appeal. These applications were made to allow GOB to cross-examine Dean Boyce and the Employees Trust to cross-examine Joseph Waight, the Financial Secretary, in relation to the GOB's ability to pay an award of damages in the event the court rules against them. Those applications were eventually withdrawn, which forced to court to waste an afternoon with a hearing which both sides told us was still important to them. Here's how they explained it:

Evening Shooting In City
A man was shot this evening in the city - but fortunately he was not seriously injured. It happened at ten minutes to five on Rivero Street which is near to Neal's Pen Road. According to reports, Anthony Scott was shot to the foot near the intersection with Barnett Street. He was shot as he stood near the drain where police found his slippers. Residents say they heard three shots. He was taken to the hospital before the ambulance arrived and is in a stable condition. Police have no suspects at this time.

Guatemalan Identity Thief "Guilty!"
You've heard a lot about Guatemala on the news tonight - and there's one more, this time some court news. 61 year-old Carlos Perez, a Guatemalan businessman residing on Handyside Street is at prison tonight after he was taken to Magistrate Court for a slew of immigration offences. According to Immigration Officials, Perez went to the Belize City Immigration Department yesterday and tried to renew a Belizean passport, which he was using. The problem is that passport he was claiming as his belongs to Belizean Naim Matar, who resides in Chicago. The authorities became suspicious and as a result, they conducted an investigation which revealed that there were some discrepancies with his application form for renewal. They discovered that the real Matar had 3 siblings but Perez, on his form, declared that he had no brothers or sisters. When he did not return for the passport, the authorities realized that he might flee the country, and as result, they alerted the officials at the northern and western border.

Reynolds Riding Through Hood With Revolver
22 year-old Eric Reynolds is spending the first night of a 5 year sentence after he was convicted of firearm offences in Magistrates Court today. According to police, on April 12, they were patrolling on Administration Drive, when they spotted Reynolds riding a bicycle. They pursued and detained him, and found a .38 Revolver, loaded with five rounds of ammunition. Police charged him with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. In court, Reynolds denied that he had the firearm and ammunition on him. He said that he sped away from the vehicle, because he had weed on him. Today, Chief Magistrate Smith ruled that Reynolds was guilty of the offence, and as a result, he was sentenced to 5 years for each count, which are to run concurrently. As a result, he will only spend a total of 5 years in prison.

St. Joseph's Primarys Art Is World Class
Art students of St Joseph primary school made their school proud after competing in the Forty third annual world school children's art exhibition of the Republic of China. Two of the school's students both received a bronze medal for their artwork. It is the school's second time competing in the art exhibition with over 30 thousand other students. An award ceremony was held at their school to honor their hard work and 7news was there. Glorisilla Torres - School Principal "The exhibition is done every year internationally and this is our second year that we have won. Last year we won one bronze medal. This year we won two out of 30,000 entries around the world. We have a variety of expressive arts in our school. We have a total of about 12 - 13 students, now we are introducing music into the expressive art program. The art is a program that we have free of cost in the evenings and we have a very dedicated volunteer, she has the passion and the love for art. We worked through summer and over the Easter to have our pieces together."

Tonight's profile is about BDF Soldier, Eric Neal, who grew up as a member of a big family on the south side of Belize City. He learned very quickly in life that his complexion and appearance was a source of ridicule in his social circles. He tells the profile how five great Belizean men played a role in his securing a post which allowed him to meet and work with one of these people. Here's his explanation of how he overcame his obstacles:

Saldivar Spruces Up Police Barracks
Police Minister John Saldivar has been much in the news tonight - and that's because there are so many security issues. But, the reason we got to interview him in the first place is because Saldivar wanted to show off the work the ministry and the police are doing to refurbish the police barracks at the Queen Street station. That is the Rafael Fonseca Barracks named after the former Financial Secretary - father of Ralph Fonseca. It was opened probably two decades ago - and until recently - it had looked like it! But now - with the ministry footing the bill, special constables providing the labour and a Superintendent overseeing the work - the third floor of the barracks is almost ready for use. It is needed with the advent of 12 hour shifts at the Patrol Branch - and should have been in place when those shits started in August. But as the officer commanding explained, everything in due time:.. ACP Elodio Aragon - Officer Commanding Eastern Division "Presently we are renovating 10 of our rooms here at the Ralph Fonseca building behind Queen street and these rooms will be retrofitted to accommodate at least 20 officers for now. That is already in the phase as you have seen and we look to complete this by the end of this month."

Every Ribbon Tells A Story
Tomorrow night cancer survivors along with family, friends and members of their community will join forces in a candlelight vigil and prayer service - to show their support to those living with cancer. Friday night event is just one in a series of events to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And while every ribbon tells a story, some of those stories will be told tomorrow night. Today we caught up with Clinical Director of the Cancer Society, Ivorine Bulwer who told us more about tomorrow's program. Ivorine Bulwer, Clinical Director, Cancer Society "Tomorrow we will be having a candle light vigil. This vigil has to do with a support for persons who have survived cancer - persons who are considered a self-cancer fighter - persons who consider themselves cancer warrior. Also this candle light vigil is a vigil and a prayer service and as I have said earlier for those who are survivors of cancer; those who are experiencing chronic pain and those who are experiencing chronic diseases." "Chronic pain; you are talking about arthritis, chronic pain from injuries. Chronic diseases we are looking at diabetes, hypertension, the cardiac cases cancer including."

Channel 5

3 Indian nationals disappear and leave hefty bill at hotel. Human trafficking?
Three Indian students have managed to con the Belize Archives and Records Service with a plan that is as simple as ABC. The trio applied for an exchange program with the department and arrived in Belize on Sunday. They checked into a Belmopan Hotel and reported to work on Tuesday, but by the afternoon, they [...]

Police say full investigations into murder of Lebanese businessmen
The ruthless executions of businessmen Abdul Aziz Mohammed Dib and Alfred Schakron in Belize City on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning have rocked the Lebanese community across the country. Both men were victims of what appear to be carefully orchestrated hits. Forty year old Abdul Dib was shot multiple times inside King Kabab Restaurant whilst [...]

Anthony Scott shot near City Hotspot
There was a shooting just before five this evening in the south side of Belize City. Another youth has fallen victim to the gun violence. Details are still coming in, but News Five understands that twenty-three year old Anthony Scott was shot three times near the corner of Barnett and Rivero Streets located in close [...]

Guatemalan Gallup Pollsters detained for posing as tourists
A group of Guatemalan nationals who entered Belize over the weekend as tourists were detained by police for suspicious activities. The group was reportedly conducting polls for the international Gallup agency, that provides data-driven news based on U.S. and world polls as well as daily tracking and public opinion research. They caught the attention of [...]

Minors beat and kill 63 year old in Placencia
A group of minors, some of whom are students, is in police custody tonight following the death of a sixty-three year old Belize City resident employed as a marine and industrial engineer in Placencia. Roy “Chief” Waight was brutally beaten at his work site at the Sustainable Tourism Project last Saturday. He was transferred to [...]

A.G. Ministry gets mas tiempo to respond to Dunkeld’s binders of arguments
There were two cases in the Court of Appeals today that concern the nationalization of Telemedia. In the morning session, the court heard Dunkeld International Investment Ltd versus the Attorney General. Dunkeld once controlled sixty nine percent shares of the Hayward Charitable Belize Trust in Telemedia. So when Telemedia was nationalized, Dunkeld relied on the [...]

2 applications withdrawn by both sides in Telemedia case
While tensions were high in this morning’s session at the Appeals Court, it probably had to do with the fact that only one day remains for the close of the session. There was another Telemedia related matter heard in the afternoon session. The Appeals Court Justices heard two applications; from both sides of the Telemedia [...]

Nonlethal weapons and additional troops for the border
In the wake of the shooting death of Guatemalan national Francisco Quinn Yat inside the Chiquibul National Park recently, requests have been made by Guatemalan officials for members of the joint border patrol to man the border unarmed to avoid further loss of life. While Minister of National Security John Saldivar dismissed the idea of [...]

Teens busted and charged for stealing wood from a house
A thirteen year old school boy and nineteen year old Clive Geban were jointly charged with theft and handling stolen goods this morning in the Magistrate Court. Allegations are that the two stole almost two thousand dollars worth of lumber and plywood from Ewarth Sutherland. But while the older of the two pleaded guilty, he [...]

Guatemalan National steals identity of Belizean living in Chicago
There was another case of theft before the courts today; but this time it’s identity theft. Sixty-one year old Carlos Mauricio Rossal Perez is a Guatemalan national from the Sapaka area, who was picked up by Immigration personnel today. In his possession were a Belizean passport, birth certificate, social security card, voter’s ID, border’s permit [...]

This is Belize! St. Joseph students beat 30,000 in art battle
Art students from St Joseph’s Primary School have distinguished themselves in an international competition. Adrian Bernard Junior and Nigel Juarez went up against thirty thousand students; they won bronze medals in an art competition organized by the government of Taiwan. Today they both received awards from the Taiwanese Ambassador. News Five’s Delahnie Bain reports.   [...]

Healthy Living coughs up details about strep throat
How do you know if your sore throat is cold or flu related or if it is a more serious throat infection? That question will be answered tonight in Healthy Living, which looks at a condition known as strep throat.   Marleni Cuellar, Reporting Most of us can identify with the pain and discomfort of [...]


Man Knocked Down And Killed By BWEL Butane Truck
Traffic was interrupted this afternoon on the Philip Goldson Highway as one man was knocked down dead near the mameyal curve. The individual, who has only been identified as Carlos of a Guatemalan Nationality, is believed to be between the ages of 28 and 30. Reports are that Carlos recently arrived in Belize and started working as a watchman for Mameyal Cool Spot three weeks ago. When we arrived at the scene the dismantled body of the deceased was observed lying face down on the right hand side of the highway. Reports are that at around 4:00pm the deceased, accompanied by another man, was pushing his bicycle heading towards Orange Walk. The duo was walking on the left hand side of the highway when they decided to cross the road. It is at that instance that Carlos was knocked down by this BWEL butane truck driven at the time by Ermelindo Mai who was traveling from Orange Walk to Corozal. We understand that Carlos and his bike were flung in the air. At the scene laid a boot worn by the deceased. Reports indicate that Carlos suffered several injuries and one of his legs was torn off. Police have detained Ermelindo Mai for questioning.

Caneros To Buy Governments Shares In BSI
Yesterday we briefed you on the meeting held between representatives of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Oliver Barrow at the Chamber of Commerce Building in Belize City. As mentioned last night, several issues were laid on the table including the sugar concession which provides major tax breaks and exemptions as part of the sale of the Belize Sugar Industries to the American Sugar refinery. The meeting went on for approximately three hours but at the end of the day representatives of the BSCFA managed to twist the elbow of the Prime Minister, at least to a certain extent. “Ayer tuvimos esa junta con el adonde él nos estuvo explicando en lo que aparece en el Bill a veces no es como lo estamos interpretando de que es todo tax free de que van a tener lo de ASR si no que él nos explico de que hay ciertos parámetros de que ellos van a tener que someter su lista al ministerio de finanzas y de allí va a ver un equipo que va a estar procesando esas listas para ver si que lo que ellos están pidiendo es relevante para la área que están pidiendo ya sea en agricultura o partes de la fabrica para así ellos puedan determinar si todo lo que están pidiendo va hacer tax free o si no para lo que no sea tienen que pagar, sin embargo nos dijo que para los caneros individual no puede dar ese mismo oportunidad de tax free si no es de que tiene que ser un proceso a través de la Asociación pero ya sea como en grupo que estén pidiendo para una maquinaria o equipo que se va a necesitar para trabajar en el campo.”

Over $50,000 Stolen From BWEL Corozal
policeTonight over $50,000 dollars has been reported missing from the Belize Western Energy Limited located in Ranchito Village, Corozal. According to the General Manager of BWEL, Orlando Perez, during September 2012, the external auditor for the company, Jiron Hernandez, conducted an audit for the BWEL Company countrywide. The audit proved that up north, specifically in Corozal, thousands of gallons of butane and sales were unaccounted for. On September 20th of this year, Perez received an inventory report which revealed that 5.95 gallons of butane from the Ranchito Plant was unaccounted for. But further investigations revealed that that was merely the icing on the cake because later on it was found out that some 6,994 gallons of butane had gone missing valued at a total of $27,976. Further checks on the reconciliation of sales and deposits also revealed financial discrepancies for the months of August and September 2012. According to auditor $24,598 was also unaccounted for. No arrests have been made and police investigations continue.

Crime On The Decrease In Orange Walk
Last night a community meeting was held between the Orange Walk Police Department and residents of Orange Walk at the Banquitas House of Culture. The meeting symbolizes one of the many steps the Belize Police Department is undertaking in order to sensitize the general public on several sensitive issues that continue to plague our nation. Forming part of the meeting’s agenda was the crime statistics for the Orange Walk District which was presented by Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Police Formation, Senior Superintendent Joseph Myvett. Believe it or not Superintendent Myvett reported that crime in Orange Walk has seen a decrease in the past 5 years. In 2007, 1612 crimes were reported. In 2008, the number of reported cases reduced by 349 with a total of 1263. Over the years the numbers kept decreasing and so far, for 2012, the number of reported crimes stands at 579. Joseph Myvett, OC O/W Police Station “We are very much on par with last year except for minor increases especially in minor crimes. As a result of our traffic enforcement from January to September there were five traffic fatalities on our highways and equally five traffic fatalities on our highways this year. There was an increase in minor traffic offences and we believe that it is very essential that we improve our driver education as well as our traffic enforcement and by doing these things we believe that we will be able to further reduce our traffic accidents.” Kevin Bernard, Mayor “Just for some clarity ask the officer in charged based on those twelve murders that have occurred and I could point out on two that have really touched the town; that of Mr Perrera and the businessman, the Hindu that was killed at Guadalupe Street. How many people have been arrested and how many have been charged in relation to these murders and how many convictions.


Alfred Schakron murdered
Less than twenty four hours after a Lebanese businessman was gunned down in cold blood, tonight the business community is mourning the loss of another of its members. Businessman Alfred Shakron was marked for death this morning on the city’s north side. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo pick up the story on Coney Drive.

Investigations continue into Abdul Aziz’ murder
Investigations continue into yesterday’s broad daylight murder of businessman Abdul Aziz Mohamed Dib. Aziz was shot dead just after one o’clock yesterday afternoon inside the King Kabab Restaurant at number four Farmers Market in Belize city. According to police reports, Aziz was shot several times to the head, chest, abdomen and lower back. Police say that their initial investigation reveals that Aziz was with another man around a table when an unknown male person entered the restaurant and fired several shots fatally wounding Aziz. Police say they have retrieved a total of nine millimeter expended shells and three slugs from the scene.

Businessman held up on Neal’s Pen Road
There was an armed hold up in Belize City on Tuesday afternoon. Twenty five year old Abram Dyck reported to police that he was in front of number 136 Neal’s Pen Road when he was approached by two men, one of whom carried what appeared to be a nine millimeter pistol. Dyck says that the man with the fun ordered him to hand over his belongings. Fearing for his life, Dyck says that he put both of his hands up in the air and the men proceeded to search his pockets, relieving him of personal documents, a hundred dollars in cash, his cell phone and vehicle keys. Both men then rode off on separate bicycles making good their escape. Police investigations continue.

Youth beaten up for his bicycle
A nineteen year old Belize City man has reportedly been beaten up by someone who tried to steal his bicycle. Maynor Francisco Perez told police that he was walking on Wilson Street around ten fifteen yesterday morning, when as he approached the corner with Kelly Street, he was approached by a dark skim man who was riding from the opposite direction. Perez says that his assailant stopped in front of him causing him to get off his bicycle. When the thief demanded that Perez hand over his bicycle, Perez says that he refused and as a result he was beaten up. Authorities say that upon seeing the police approaching, the thief ran off onto Baymen Avenue making good his escape.

Problems brewing in the citrus industry
The opening of the processing season for citrus is about to start … but not without controversy. The Citrus Growers Association is suggesting that the factory at Pomona be opened at the end of the month; but country’s largest processor, the Citrus Products of Belize Limited, is proposing that the opening be brought forward to today. That proposal to open for delivery and processing of fruit by CPBL is being supported by another group of producers known as Belize Citrus Mutual. The other group says it is tentatively accepting CPBL’s first fruit price submission, subject to a review with CPBL. The Citrus Growers Association, in a press release says that it has so far only received a first fruit price submission for grapefruit, and none for orange. CGA had requested a meeting with CPBL to discuss the submission which was made on Friday; but that meeting is yet to be formalized. A meeting of the harvest committee, which is tasked with setting the schedule for the delivery of fruit to the factory which was supposed to happen today, was postponed on the instructions of the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Agriculture Jose Alpuche. The Chief Agricultural Officer is the chairman of the harvest committee. With the submission for first fruit price for grapefruit already in hand, the CGA is requesting a submission forthwith for orange along with the annual sales plan as mandated in the legally binding 2010 arbitration report, which the CGA says was sanctioned by the Citrus Control Board.

Commuters complain of inadequate bus service
For a while now the issue of public transportation has been out of the headlines. But that does not mean that everything is honky dory. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo and video journalist Myles Gillett have been monitoring the situation and bring you this first in a series of reports.

Poster competition opens at the House of Culture
A special exhibition is being mounted at the Belize City House of Culture on Regent Street. But the launch of the exhibit was not the only thing happening at that venue this morning. Director of the Belize Tourism Board is Laura Esquivel Frampton. The Minister of Tourism and Culture who was present for this morning’s occasion, told us why he made an effort to be present. Heredia also commented on the relationship between the Tourism Industry and the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association. Nazeem Segura from Grace Primary School took third place in the junior division and was presented with a cheque of one thousand dollars, the same amount of which will be awarded to the school for art supplies. Second place in the Senior Division was placed by Jordanny Williams of the Belize High School and he received a cheque of one thousand five hundred dollars. BHS will also receive one thousand five hundred dollars for art supplies. Segura’s and Williams’ posters won from among a pool of entries in which according to FCCA representatives Ana Benitez, came from fifteen nations.

Karena Mahung gets top academic award
Former Love FM correspondent Karena Mahung has won a top regional academic award. Reports reaching the RSV News Centre indicate that Mahung topped the Environmental and Natural Resources Management Year Two group. Karena, who is the daughter of Paul and Celia Mahung, is currently pursuing a degree in Natural Resources Management from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago.

Woman steals shampoo, pleads guilty
Fifty-four year old Jennifer Moody of Victoria Street who shoplifted a shampoo and conditioner from Bottom Dollar Store on North Front Street, pleaded guilty to theft when she appeared in court today. Because she did not have any previous conviction, Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith bound her over to keep the peace for one year. If she does not keep the peace for that period of time she will have to pay a fine of $200.00 or serve two months in prison. The incident occurred on Monday, October 22. Bottom Dollar security officer Francisco Camara reported to the police that Moody was seen removing the items from a shelf in the store and she walked out of the store without paying for them. It was then Camara seized her and held her in custody until the police arrived. When asked by Chief Magistrate Smith why she stole the items, Moody said she did not have any shampoo and she did not have any money to buy it.

Man charged for smuggling marijuana into prison
Twenty-eight year old former prison officer Amir Reyes, charged with drug trafficking for attempting to smuggle 324 grams of cannabis into Belize Central Prison in a food container, was fined $10,000.00 after he was found guilty of the charge. Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who imposed the fine, ordered him to pay $5,000.00 forthwith and the balance by June 30, 2013. If he defaults on payment he will serve three years. The bust occurred around 6:50 p.m. on May 7, 2012. Prison officer Derol Dougal testified that when he searched a transport bag that Reyes had, he found a food container that not only contained food but also two black plastic bags that had compressed cannabis. Police constable Mark Pascascio testified that when he weighed the cannabis it amounted to 324 grams or about a half of a pound. Reyes who worked at the orison for one year and five months, testified and said that the bag was given to him to take into prison by a man by the name of Kent whom he met at the junction of Burrell Boom Road and the Northern Highway while he was on his way to work. But Chief Magistrate Smith did not believe his story and she told him that it was pack of lies and she found him guilty.

Organic farm to be held in Punta Gorda
Plans are in place for the fourth annual sustainable harvest international organic fair in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details.

Police officers undergo training on how to record proper statement
There have been complaints in abundance about police officers who fall short of taking a comprehensive statement from witnesses and complainants, but a two-day course that ended today is expected to enhance the skill of officers, at least those in Belize City, who must deal with that part of the job. Sergeant Martha Reese who heads the Family Violence Unit, told Love News that there are specificities being looked at in obtaining a proper statement. Fifteen officers mainly from the Patrol Branch at Eastern Division and Belize City-based branches were part of the training.

PNP wants the PM to fire Wilfred Elrington
There has been a fresh call for the removal of the minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington. This time the call comes from the Toledo-based People’s National Movement. In a statement issued today, the PNP says that Foreign Minister Elrington has on multiple occasions, quote, “demonstrated that he is unable to properly articulate and represent the sovereignty of our country,” end of quote. PNP Leader Wil Maheia told love news this evening that he and his party are of the belief that Elrington is incapable of handling weighty matters of diplomacy. Love News pointed out to Maheia that Elrington is a senior member of Cabinet and as such a call for his removal is not something that should be taken lightly. Maheai says the time for action is now. The PNP release concludes that Belize’s Foreign Minister responds from a position of subservience and reacts nervously to maneuverings of a country that has no moral grounds to its unfounded claim on our country.

The Bible in Belize Kriol
In 2011 the New Testament was translated into Kriol. That publication is still at the publishers, but as an addendum to that, Kriol aficionados will take pride in knowing that the New Testament will also be available in dramatized audio CD’s and on the internet. It comes through an effort of the Belize Kriol Council and Primary Translator in the project, Yvette Herrera, told Love News that it was a time-consuming period. Nicholas Okereke is from the organization called Faith Cometh by Hearing, which is the organization that is funding the project. The translation comes at a cost of fifty thousand dollars, all funded by Faith Cometh by Hearing.

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