OK, so it's both Continental AND American. I'm not sure how much influence the BZ Aviation Authority has with the airlines that serve their country and bring millions of dollars to their economy with tourists---BUT---it would seem that these late departures inconvenience just about everybody, except those who live pretty close to Dallas or Houston. The impact of adding an extra overnight stay at a US airport, and the associated expense is a very serious matter to many who travel to BZ.

If the BZ governemnt, for whatever reason, had any input into this decision, it is something that was poorly thought through, and could have a negative impact far greater than they might imagine.

Lan, if you're out there lurking (I know you are) have you heard anything about this? I'd have to think that the resort owners on AC would be livid, especially if they have to let return vistors know that they will probably have to spend an unanticipated night in the US on their return. In many cases that will one less night that the operators in BZ will get. Not a good thing for anybody.