In a recent visit, Scott Mallick of Mayan Islands in a chartered helicopter flew with some clients from the Belize International Airport and landed on the projectís new FAA regulation size helipad. This recent addition enables those who have flown privately to the international airport to continue their exclusive getaway and land on the private island in about 27 minutes. The VIP Beach Resort has a five star restaurant and bar where the chef can prepare just about anything you want.

The private island resort is located 3 minutes away by boat from a town called San Pedro. San Pedro is the richest area in all of Belize with many shops and restaurants. The population of the town is about 20,000 people with English as the national language. US cash is welcome and the people are friendly. There is a island breeze all year round, and a golf cart is the mode of transportation. If you are a US citizen, a passport is all that is required for a visit.