It is very common to meet people in Belize who have come from abroad and fallen in love with the country so much that they leave everything behind and start new lives. The Reserve Channel is an original YouTube channel that provides access to some of the most extraordinary people and places live has to offer.

In this, their most recent feature, the EX-PATS program comes to Belize and features Pam and John Solomon left New York City to open a restaurant in Placencia. Now they have a daughter named Libby who thinks she is Mayan and has dual citizenship. Their restaurant, RumFish, is a big success and they are living the dream. Everything they serve is fresh from the sea or the farm. They are glad they didn't wait to retire in paradise when they can live and work there instead.

Meet Pam and John Solomon who left New York City to open a restaurant in Placencia, Belize. Their restaurant, RumFish, is now one of the most successful restaurants on the coast. Soon after their restaurant picked up, Pam became pregnant with their daughter Libby.

EX-PATS w/ Savannah Jane Buffett According to modern definition, EX-PATS are people temporarily or permanently residing in a country and culture other than that of their upbringing. Host Savannah Jane Buffett travels through foreign lands to discover the extraordinary stories of those who cut the home-cord, leaving behind a seemingly successful and ordinary existence in search of a place to live their dream life.