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This Week's Stories:

  • Grandson Lands Grandma In Police Cell:
    The information from an alert victim of burglary, led San Ignacio Police Crimes Investigation Branch personnel to solving another burglary case in which a gun was stolen as well as the discovery of a little bit of marijuana for bonus. The case against Danny Sagastume, 19, Belizean labourer of a Santiago Juan Layout area in San Ignacio, and a rather frightening incarceration experience for his 67 year old grandmother, began on Tuesday, November 6, when Adolfo Ventura, 47, Guatemalan, taxi driver from the neighbouring Bullet Tree Falls Village reported to San Ignacio Police that his house was burglarized.
  • Major Road Upgrades In The Twin Towns:
    Not to be left behind other municipalities especially Belize City, the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are in for major street improvements. The paving of Church Street, Eve Street, Victoria Street and a portion of the Bullet Tree Road all in San Ignacio Town began today. Mayor John August informed that the project, at a cost of over one million dollars will also include the paving of 18th Street and West Street in San Ignacio as well as Eden Drive in Santa Elena. The major upgrading of streets in Santa Elena and San Ignacio, along with the soon to be completed Welcome Centre, is being funded by the Government of Belize via a loan facility with the World Bank under a Municipal Development Project.
  • Marlon Kuylen Heads Football Coaches Education Committee:
    As the effort continues to move football to a higher level in Belize, the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) is embarking on a countrywide training program of coaches. The FFB informs that in order to have beginners trained in line with the Federation's quest to have all coaches certified to participate in tournament organized by the FFB and its affiliates. For this purpose, a Coaches Education Committee was recently formed. The committee is headed by FFB's Executive Member Marlon Kuylen. Assisting Kuylen will be the National A team coach Le Roy Sherrier as well the Technical Director/Assistant National A team coach Renan Couoh, Goalkeeper coaches Charlie Slusher and Kent Gabourel and Physical Trainer Stanley Humes.
  • Software Pioneer John McAfee Denies Murder In Belize:
    The founder of the anti-virus software firm McAfee has denied murdering one of his neighbours in San Pedro. John McAfee said he did not kill fellow American Gregory Faull, who was found shot dead on Sunday on Ambergris Caye island, just off the coast of Belize, where both men lived. Police say he is a "person of interest" in their inquiries into Mr Faull's murder. Mr McAfee says he is hiding from police out of fear they want to kill him. He was detained earlier this year over the alleged possession of guns and drugs, but was released without charge.
  • What is Garifuna Settlement Day?:
    On November 19th the celebrations commence to mark the arrival of the first Garifuna to Belize in 1832. The festival marks the arrival of the Garifuna people to Dangriga. A mixture of African music and religion with native Carib language and traditions blends into a vibrant, tasty, stimulating experience. Garifuna Settlement Day, is celebrated throughout the country, but especially in Dangriga, the cultural capital of Belize. There is traditional Garifuna and Belizean food, live punta music, games and Jonkunu dancers. In addition they reenact 'The Landing.'
  • Colombian Police Arrests Three For killing 10 Farm workers:
    Colombian security forces have arrested three men they suspect of shooting dead 10 farm workers last week. The killing was one of the deadliest targeted attacks in Colombia in years. Police say the suspects belong to a criminal gang whose leader was arrested last month and who ordered the attack from behind bars. They said the motive could be revenge for his recent capture or a deadly message to businessmen who have refused to pay the gang protection money.
  • UN: Haiti Faces 2013 Food Shortage After Hurricane Sandy:
    The UN in Haiti says 1.5 million people remain at risk of not having proper access to food in 2013 due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters. The situation has been made worse by a drought earlier this year, it says. At least 54 people died as Hurricane Sandy hit the impoverished Caribbean nation two weeks ago. The country is still struggling to recover from a devastating earthquake in January 2010. During the spring and summer of this year, rural households in northern parts of Haiti were badly hit by drought.
  • Jamaica Bans Preaching On Commuter Buses:
    have banned lay preachers from addressing commuters in public buses. Jamaica is a predominantly Christian country, but many passengers have complained about the noise and disturbance. Drivers have been instructed to politely warn religious ministers that they are no longer allowed to evangelise fellow passengers. Preachers say the decision infringes freedom of speech and religion. "I am all for evangelising, but they cannot use the bus as their platform," Hardley Lewin, managing director of the Jamaica Transit Company Limited said.
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