Belize Tourism Board Prepares for Taste of Belize

The tourism showcase known as Taste of Belize is back after a one year break. The Belize Tourism Board this week announced that the signature culinary event will take place in San Ignacio on the weekend of December first and second. Andrea Polanco is the Media and Public Relations manager for the BTB.

“It won’t be as traditional as it used to be in the past so we’re holding a pro-chef competition, this will be among four different chefs from across the country. What they will be doing they will be participating in a cook off competition it’s going to be a timed event they are going to have a basket of mystery ingredients, so it’s really and truly Belize’s version of Food Network Show, Chopped and in the end of course there is going to be a winne, the winner will take all. The winner will get $2500 a big trophy and of course another surprise gif. Also as a part of that we will also that night have the bartending competition where of course the bartenders will put their creativity and skills to test and of course there is going to be winner, the winner takes all because that person will get $1500 and of course a big trophy. We will also be having the cake decorating competition where the cake decorators get to put their creativity on display and the winner at the end of the evening will take home $1500 and of course a grand trophy. What we will be doing Patrick is that we will be having four judges for the pro-chef competition. They will be deciding who the best in Belize is. We’ve dubbed it as Belize’s master chefs because of course what we are doing is that we are trying to harness the talents of those in the culinary arts field in Belize and we also want to recognize their hard work and of course celebrate they are doing for the industry.”

Aside from the professional Chef competition, this year’s Taste of Belize will also feature a segment for Bar-B-Q aficionados, as explained by Polanco.

“On day two there will be the Grill Master competition; what we are doing is that we are calling all people you know whether you are a pro at making barbeque, whether you just want to do your own barbeque in your backyard but if you feel as if your barbeque is good enough come on out apply through the BTB; of course that will be held on the grounds of the Welcome Center in San Ignacio, Cayo on Sunday, December 2nd from 10:00am-3:00pm. We have three different categories: we have sea food, we have poultry and of course meats which can be beef or pork. At the end of that also we have great prizes for the overall winner and of course trophy and so what we are also doing is that we are partnering with the town council of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, they will also be having a food fest, so you can get any Belizean dish that you can think about. We want to make it very Belizean, celebrate our food, so you can get wangla, tableta, or maybe some casham and that kind of thing and we are also having local entertainment like dances, music so we want to invite the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, the entire country Belize to come out to San Ignacio, Cayo for that weekend, December 1st and 2nd. If you are unable to make it we want to encourage you to tune in to Love TV on the night of December 1st so that you can get a good feel of what the pro-chef competition will be like that will be live on Love.”

Polanco says the Taste of Belize event is an important feature on the Tourism calendar for Belize.

The significance is that really and truly it is one our signature event in terms of us paying tribute to some of the best in the field and we realizing, the BTB recognizes that our chefs, our bartenders, our cake decorators, while a lot of people may think that they are just the small man at the bottom really and truly these are the people who help to sell Belize. When people come to Belize of course our cuisine is one of the best in the world, I say it is parallel to none, and it is something that a lot of tourists look forward to and so we feel that it is very important that the Belize Tourism Board recognizes these people and of course it is going to be a gala night. I want o make one final call Patrick to the Belizean public to come on out we have tickets for a $100 but trust me it’s going to be a dinner and show because we will have models and body paint, we will have exotic animals, we’ll also have a photo booth, we have a complimentary gift bags and so we’re really going to transform the San Ignacio Resort Hotel and we’d love for the Belizean Public to join us.”

Taste of Belize kicks off on Saturday night, December first at the San Ignacio hotel and continues the following day at the Cayo Welcome Centre grounds. The professional chef competition, which will air live on Love Television, will be hosted by media personalities Indira Craig and William Neal.