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This Week's Stories:

  • Police Commissioner’s Son Busted With Western Weed:
    The eldest son of an Assistant Commissioner of the Belize Police Department is currently on remand behind bars on a drug trafficking charge. The report coming out of Beque police informs that it was shortly after 1 o’clock on the evening of Thursday, December 13, 2012, at about 1:15 pm when the attention of a team of policemen on mobile patrol in the Calla Creek Road area of the jurisdiction, was drawn to a suspicious grey Ford F 150 pickup, with a camper, traveling out of the village towards the George Price Highway. In complying with police instructions the driver halted and exited the vehicle. Nothing incriminating was found inside the cab of the vehicle. The search then proceeded to the back of the vehicle where the police came upon two rimless tires which when searched were found to contain a dozen black plastic bags tightly wrapped with transparent plastic tape which when opened in the presence of the driver was found to contain suspected marijuana.
  • The New Rene Montero, Hon. Rene Montero Inspecting One Of The Many Works Currently Underway In Cayo Central:
    The first term in office was a learning experience for Cayo Central’s Area Representative/ Minister of Works and Transport, Hon. Rene Montero. When he was put to the test in the March 7, 2012 general elections; he received a narrow passing mark and was almost defeated by a new comer on the political scene. Subsequent to that narrow victory, a new Rene Montero has emerged. He has shed himself of the political baggage and negative vibes from political hangers-on who did him major political damage throughout his first five-year term in office. The new Rene Montero has hit the ground running after the experience of March 7. The new Rene Montero is now focused on putting his shoulders to the wheel in immediately addressing the needs of his constituents. He has publicly committed that he will not wait until an election year or in the months leading up to the next test at the polls to do what has to be done for residents of Cayo Central.
  • Brady Busted By Benque Police:
    The ever vigilant police team in Benque Viejo town has scored yet another drug bust as the importation of Guatemalan weed seeks to make the eastward transit into Belize. It was shortly before 5:30 pm on Monday, December 17, when a team of alert policemen from Benque Viejo Town, on motorcycle patrol, spotted a pair of suspicious male persons walking on Churchill Street, in the center of the town. One of them had a small, red, white and blue plastic sack slung over the shoulder. They were stopped and searched. The search resulted in the discovery of two parcels tightly wrapped in black plastic and bound with transparent tape. When the parcels were opened, they were found to contain suspected marijuana.
  • Let There Be Light In Bradley’s Bank:
    A rural electrification project, which will benefit more than 200 residents in the Bradley’s Bank Area of Santa Elena Cayo District, was launched this Sunday afternoon. The project, to be financed by the Government of Belize through the Social Investment Fund and will be implemented by the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) at a cost of $211,567 with funds coming by way of the Commonwealth Debt Initiative (CDI). The project includes the extension of overhead electrical lines to approximately 157 lots with the installation of seven transformers, almost 80 polls and almost 15 thousand feet of power lines. In his keynote address, Hon. Rene Montero, Minister of Works and Transportation and Area Representative for Cayo Central, spoke about the significance of the project and the great conveniences it would bring to the residents of Bradley’s Bank. He told the gathering that he remains committed imporving the lives of the people of his constituency.
  • Child of Faith:
    Mrs. Diana Azueta was the 2nd of five (5) children born to Mr. & Mrs. John Swift. Diana grew up in St. Mary’s literally where by the time she was born her mother Sylvia Swift was already a teacher at the school and an active member of the church. Mrs. Sylvia Swift later became an outstanding principal in the chain of exemplary teachers and principals of St. Mary’s school, like Basil Coleman, Mrs. Hinkson and Mrs. Marcella Weatherburne. In 1968 Diana entered Wesley College and graduated and then advanced to 6th form. She married Alfonso Azueta, an Auditor in the Government Service. The union produced one child, a beautiful daughter Nyani. Alfonso is now deceased.
  • Welcome Home Dr. Tisha L. Spence:
    As a tribute to the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Spence from Santa Elena, Cayo District, the family is proud to announce that the Spence granddaughter, Dr. Tisha L. Spence is visting Belize. Dr. Spence, the daughter of Mrs. Selma Spence-Jackson, is celebrating the memories of her late grandparents, during her stay in Belize. She is a Pediatrician and graduate of Southern Illinois School of Medicine, Springfield, USA.. She is currently in her second year of residency, at the Morehouse University in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Spence is now pursuing her Pediatric Fellowship in Neonatal Medicine (Neonatology).
  • Inmates And Guards Killed In Mexico Jailbreak Attempt:
    At least 17 people have been killed during an attempted jailbreak in Mexico, officials say. Eleven inmates and six guards died in a shootout in the city of Gomez Palacio as the prisoners tried to escape through tunnels. Gang violence is an endemic problem in the Mexican penal system. The incident happened a day after President Enrique Pena Nieto announced the creation of a national police force to help tackle crime and violence. The latest deadly clashes, which occurred in the state of Durango, appear to have happened when wardens tried to prevent prisoners from fleeing, the BBC's Mexico correspondent Will Grant reports.
  • Crime - A Social Problems Of A Developing Country:
    Crime is defined as the breaking of laws set by the governing body of a country. It may come in many forms from as little as lying to even killing. This is one of the social problems most affecting the developing world. There are obviously many troubles that come along with having this problem in a society, and we see it everyday. And we always try to cure this problem by attacking it from that angle, but why not look at it from another? Why not try to find out what are causing these problems, and furthermore, find out what we need to do to fix them? What Causes people to murder? This question gives rise to an array of answers, and they are all are correct, even if in the pettiest of ways. One of the most influential though, is the pessimistic relationship between poverty and education. Globally, poverty is at a high, and because of that, there are many people who do not have the opportunity to afford secondary schooling, much less tertiary.
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