Hey you all out there, we just got back late last night. Had a great time, was very busy the whole trip.. Ok here we go about the Benefit.

We arrived on tues. the 8th, and started running about getting donations for prizes for the raffle. All of friends down there were so great on what the donated. We also have to thank the gang at the Hideaway, (Joyce, Linda, Jerry, Chap, Ray, Carol, and all there little helpers) You all were great!!!!!

We purchased the food, had Chicken, ribs, chicken wings, potatoe salad, beans, and bread...

Ray helped so much on the cooking of the BBQ. Thanks bud!!!!!

Got up there early on Sat. Flyers were all over the island, and we had a listing in the Sun paper.. Started preping the food and Ray was tending the fire.

Belikin Dist. came out and put up a big tent.
As you all know Michelle was out in sea just churning just north of us, but turned out to be a beautiful day, with a couple of little showers, to cool everything off..

About 3pm, alot of people started showing up.

Dennis Wolfe started off the show first, and had Dale, Kieth, and James playing with him. During this we were serving food, selling drinks inside and on the outside bar, and were raffling off prizes.

After Dennis was done with his set, Barefoot Skinny started his show. What a show, he had Dale, Kieth, James, and others to join his show. Everyone was having a great time. The Benefit ended about 8pm. What a day!!!!

We also had local island bartenders, donated their time to work the outside bar, and Carol and Cheri did haircuts for donations.

Again We want to THANK the staff at the Hideaway for all their help and support, we could not have done it with out them. Also have to thank Casey for all his help too.
And to the Local Bartenders that donated their time. And to Barefoot Skinny, Dale, Keith, Dennis, James, and others for help with the Music show..

Now the Thank you's for the people and bussiness's that donated prizes:

24 bottles of Rum, 4 bottles of wine, 5 prints from Silkpainter, Dinner for 2 at Papi's, dinner for 2 a Fido's, Breakfast for 2 at Estel's, Lunch for 2 at Ramon's, $50 cert. at Mango's, $100 cert. at Celi's, 1 case of Belikin Beer from Bernd Alagd, $25 bar tab at Palapa, $25 bar tab at Crazy Cunucks, $25 bar tab at Pier Lounge, $25 bar tab at BC's, $25 bar tab at Barefoot Iguanna's, Cert. for 5 freezy's at Trisha's new store, and a cert for $100 for a bracelet at her store too., A lower unit boat engine repair from her husband at $100,
2 CD's from Barefoot Skinny, Casting net from Rick and Cheri, Daytimer from Rick and Cheri, 3 Antique books from Bernd Alagd, $50 cert. from Islabonita Designs, 2 CD's from Dennis Wolfe, El Gato Cat. Day trip for 2,
Golf cart rental and 2 t-shirts from Chole's, Jet ski rental from Barefoot water sports, Mouse Rental from Barefoot water sports, Day trip on a Cat. from Hustlers, Overnight stay for 2 couples with dinner and breakfast from Casa Manna, and a Weekend for 2 at Ramon's...

We pesonnally want to thank all of these fine bussiness's for donating and for all the personal friends that donated prizes..

Last we would like to thank the people of San Pedro for coming out and supporting this effort for the people in the south..

Final Count on the monies raised was $4547.00BZ, I feel for 1 afternoon, this was a huge success. All monies have been deposited directly into the account for Frank and Marty to get more homes done..

We feel honored to have so many friends there on AC, that would come out in support of this effort.. Again Thanks you all, and we will see you all soon there on the island.

Rick and Cheri

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