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This Week's Stories:

  • No Arrest Yet In The Murder of Rene Vera:
    As the community records yet another murder with homosexual overtones, an arrest is yet to be made while the Christmas plans of the victim’s family was shattered and the remains of yet another productive male person was committed to the earth from whence it is said to have come. Funeral services for Rene Vera, 36, Belizean laborer formerly of a Bishop Martin Street address in Santa Elena, Cayo was held at the Sacred Heart Church in San Ignacio, on Thursday, December 27. The body was laid to rest inside the Carmen Memorial Cemetery in Santa Elena.
  • Introducing The Nation’s New Ombudsman, Mr Lionel L. Arzu:
    Mr. Lionel L. Arzu, has been officially sworn in as the new Ombudsman for Belize. This took place in brief ceremonies this morning in the presence of the Governor-General of Belize, His Excellency Sir Colville Young. Mr. Arzu leaves behind his post as a teacher at Julian Cho Technical High School in the Toledo District, where he resides. Prior to this, he served as an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Belize, Toledo Campus; Project Coordinator for the Meso-American Project, and numerous other posts within the agricultural sector.
  • Questioning The Appointment Of The New Ombudsman Of Belize. Is It Really Because He Is A Garifuna?:
    This is the first time a Garifuna person in Belize has been appointed as Ombudsman and we should be proud of this especially given the fact that the chances for a Garifuna to be appointed to a post like this in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala is slim to never. I suspect that because he is a Garifuna someone is questioning whether he will be able to handle the responsibilities of the office. This did not occur when Paul Rodriguez, a former Mayor of Belize City, was appointed as the first Ombudsman of Belize. We likewise did not see it happen when Cynthia Pitts was similarly appointed until the recent expiration of her contract. I do not know Mr. Lionel Arzu but reviewing at his academic credentials, given the necessary support, he should have no problems doing the job.
  • Rotary Project “Literacy Alive” Brings Professional Laminators To Cayo Schools:
    Literacy is one of the most important preconditions for a successful life. Being able to read enables a person to take part in everyday and business life and make a good living. Consequently learning to read belongs to the most important objectives in primary schools throughout Belize. The educational success however depends on several factors like the talent of as kid as well as his or her social and language background. Equally important are the literacy related capacities of the teachers as well as the methods and materials that are used to teach reading.
  • Ten Life-Changing Facts About Anger:
    “Yes, I was angry. And I was a little afraid. After all I’ve not been free in so long. But, when I felt that anger well up inside of me, I realized that if I hated them after I got outside that gate, then they would still have me. I wanted to be free so I let it go.” ~Nelson Mandela upon leaving prison after 27 years of confinement Frustrated, impatient, raging… aaarrrrrrgh! Yes, it’s normal to feel angry – you are human, after all. But if anger causes problems in your life – if it interferes with your health and happiness – then consider these 10 life-changing facts. Get curious about anger, and you just might discover an untapped well of vital energy that improves your life circumstances and wakes you up to the whole of life.
  • Benque Viejo Christmas Bash:
    Program under the leadership of Captain Samuel Bruce since 2008; participating with the Community Policing Effort of Police Sub-Formation Benque Viejo, produced a spectacular event for the residents, with their annual Christmas Bash for the community of Benque Viejo. Located at the spacious multipurpose community park on Mr. Bruce’s property, the party had all the trimmings; Stone constructed community center, 3-tents, chairs, DJ kahlib sound system, bathroom facilities, electric & water supply, two football courts, volleyball court, running track, BMX Bike track, and swimming pool under construction.
  • Cayo Central Christmas Football Cup:
    On September 19, 2012, eight teams from Santa Elena Town participated in a football marathon held at the Santa Elena football field, to kick off the Cayo Central Christmas Cup Sponsored by the Hon. Rene Montero, Area Representative for Cayo Central And Minister of Works & Transport. This past Sunday was the Finals for the competition and the Trapiche Team and the Hill view team played an exciting and competitive game and exhibit discipline and excellent sportsmanship. At the end of the day Minister Rene Montero was present to issue the first place trophy along with a cash prize of $500.00 to the Trapiche Team, the winner of the competition.
  • US Requests Colombia Urabenos 'gang leader' Extradition:
    Prosecutors in the United States have requested the extradition of one of Colombia's most wanted drug dealers, detained two months ago in Argentina. Henry de Jesus Lopez Londono, known as Mi Sangre or My Blood, is the alleged leader of the Urabenos gang, which operates in northern Colombia. Argentine media reported that he was due to be released on 2 January unless there was a formal extradition request. Lopez entered Argentina with a false passport, police said. The 41-year-old Colombian posed as a Venezuelan businessman, travelling for work.
  • Bolivia Takes Over Ownership Of Two Spanish Owned Electricity Companies:
    Bolivia has brought two Sanish-owned electricity supply companies under state control. President Evo Morales accused the subsidiaries of the Spanish company, Iberdrola, of overcharging consumers in rural areas. Mr Morales said rural households had been paying three times more for their electricity than people in urban areas. The left-wing president has previously nationalised oil, telecommunications and energy-generating companies. "We had to see that the quality of electricity service is uniform in rural as well as urban areas," Mr Morales said. He added that his decree was in line with the South American country's constitution, which says that the public interest is above private interests when it comes to the supply of energy.
  • How Indian Women Are Treated:
    People have called her Braveheart, Fearless and India’s Daughter, among other things, and sent up a billion prayers for a speedy recovery. When the unidentified woman died in a Singapore hospital early on Saturday, the victim of a savage rape on a moving bus in the capital, Delhi, it was time again, many said, to ask: why does India treat its women so badly? Female foetuses are aborted and baby girls killed after birth, leading to an an appallingly skewed sex ratio. Many of those who survive face discrimination, prejudice, violence and neglect all their lives, as single or married women.
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