They are philanthropists at heart; there is no doubt about it. Those who are close to this couple, or even have had the opportunity to spend some time with them, know how genuine, kind-hearted and generous they are. The two of them complement each other and share the same values, ideals and aspirations. It is because of their generous and kind hearts that Ambergris Today has chosen Kelly and Mukul Kanabar as Persons of the Year 2012! Their generosity goes beyond their family and friends as they have reached out to their community in ways that few have. From moral support, monetary donations, sponsorships and driving the community to step up and assist in various charity and fundraising efforts, both Kelly and Mukul have shown that they have a heart of gold.

Kelly and Mukul own and manage three restaurants in San Pedro - Blue Water Grill, Red Ginger and Caliente, wine shop and distributor Wine de Vine and The Phoenix Resort. These successful businesses have aided them in their altruistic endeavors.

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