FECTAB says Belize has good track record for visitor safety

In the aftermath of the gruesome discovery on Tuesday of four George Street Gang members, who had been brutally murdered, the U.S. Embassy has issued a security message for American nationals residing in and travelling to Belize. The advisory notes that, “while there is no indication that U.S. citizens are targeted or otherwise under direct threat, there is a possibility that retaliatory violence could take place. As a precaution, the Embassy’s regional Security Officer has advised U.S. government personnel to avoid travel to Belize City for the time being.” It can be another hit for the tourism industry, but FECTAB President, Tom Greenwood, says Belize has a good track record for visitor safety.

Tom Greenwood, President, FECTAB

“We refer of course, to the terrible scenario in Belize where crime is concerned. But I think that the majority of the people concerned both here and outside recognize that this was a singular situation. There is crime in every country and I think it is at the moment contained; the damage is not contained unfortunately. It’s out there that Belize is a little dangerous. So far, we have a twelve year history of cruise shipping without a single problem other than once, the robbery of a camera and I think once the robbery of a wallet and that was it. So thank God, so far that has gone on well and I think it can continue that way if public and private sector work together. Hence, I am calling for a conference of all concerned to rehash and rewrite the cruise ship industry agreements. We need to start right at the top there and then let it filter down.”

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