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Ambergris Today

MELT is Here! Home of the Guerrilla Cheese in Belize
MELT your heart’s delight with LOTS and LOTS of MELTed cheese! Located on the beach at the Exotic Caye Resort, MELT specializes in artisan grilled cheese sandwiches. Comfort food at its best is what we have to say. Open for breakfast and lunch, this charming cafe will start with morning eggs, fresh fruit smoothies, the finest South American coffee, herbal tea, fresh Lemonade and Ice Tea. For lunch, it's grilled cheese sandwiches, green or grain salads, homemade soup de jour, small plates, fresh Mex dishes, and the chef's daily special. It’s the ingredients that make the food and MELT makes sure it uses real imported butter and imported, top quality Vermont and Wisconsin cheese; plus, their breads are prepared fresh every day! Enjoy delicious grilled cheese sandwiches like the All American, Chicken-Itza (filled with savory Mayan spices, peppers, onion, tomato and 3 cheese blend), Supreme Pizza Melt (pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers and onions) and the Big Sal (turkey or turkey sausage, pepperjack cheese, grilled onions, pickles and jalapeños). There are great MELTS that you have to keep going to try them all and pick your favorite; there are even vegetarian options. MELT is open from Monday to Saturday from 7a.m. to 2p.m.

Hope Kitchen Delivers Happy Meals
It was a proud moment for the members and volunteers of Fate Gives as they saw their charity’s inaugural event take place and deliver happy meals to smiling faces. The new project entitled “Hope Kitchen” provides a healthy meal to families that might not otherwise be able to afford the luxury of a dinner out on Ambergris Caye. The first soup kitchen event was held at Sandbar on Tuesday, January 8, 2013, which saw many families arriving to the establishment and sitting down to enjoy a hearty meal for the evening. Members of the organization worked very hard all day to prepare this meal and sent out invitations to various neighborhoods for less fortunate residents to come out and enjoy a free meal. For the initial event Fate Gives partnered with local San Pedrano, Hermojenes “Moncho” Acosta, known as “Teacher Moncho”, who identified families in need who would benefit from the Hope Kitchen project. But Hope Kitchen is open to the public as the premise behind the charity event is for diners to pay what they can afford, whether it is $1 or $10. People who can afford to pay a meal are encouraged to pay as much as they can as a way of donating and keeping the Kitchen providing meals to those who need it.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Good advice (crime in belize city)
So... as Belizeans we are very conserned with the violence situation in our spot and thing and thing same way, yo dig? so we decided to give some advice on the situation we are currently in. hope this video is and inpiraton to everyone that wtches it and i hope it speaks to the inner man. i know we call out some leaders, but its just the questions that are on our minds and maybe it plants a seed for u to stat questioning the possbilities for youself. We are not saying any one is dealing with drugs or gang. but sometimes it makes u wonder. so pray for our sweet baby, sugar plum, dumplin Belize and thing same way. remember to like our page and stay up to day on what we is doing and thing same way yo dig?

ICJ referendum with Guatemala info-Important info for voters
In October of this year there will be a referendum on whether Belize should submit to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for a determination on the Guatemala claim of Belize. I humbly believe that all Belizeans should participate in this referendum as it may be the only opportunity for us to ever record our opinion on this very serious matter, most importantly though it must be a conscience vote, one that truly reflects each voters opinion on this issue - whether it be a yes or no vote. It is our democracy that must prevail. While the question on the referendum will be a simple one, the issue is much more complex, therefore as Belizeans we have the utmost responsibility to understand the issue, only then will we be in a position to truly vote our conscience. When the vote is over and the result made clear, it should not matter whether the result was a yes or no, what should matter is that Belizeans have spoken.

Assistant Superintendent Marco Vidal was named the commander of the new unit; in media interviews soon after, he spoke out in support of a government bill to permit police to hold people in preventive detention for up to 21 days.[3] In 2011 and 2012, the GSU was involved in a number of controversial raids. In March 2011, the nephew of PUP supporter Yolanda Schakron was delivering goods to a wake for purported gang leader Charles Woodeye; he got caught up in a sweep conducted by police officers who had been trailing the funeral march, and one of them broke his arm with a baseball bat.[4] Then in February 2012, a group of men invaded a home on Dean Street and beat its residents with bats and clubs, leaving four injured, while soon after, a group of men at Taylor's Alley were also beaten. Commander Marco Vidal initially attempted to deny involvement of his officers, but PM Barrow stated that he believed the GSU was involved.[5] There were various responses to the controversies. Taylor's Alley residents rejected the government's apology.[6] The Belize Times accused the GSU of being a rogue unit of the United Democratic Party.[7] One plank of the People's United Party platform in the 2012 elections was the disbandment of the GSU in favour of increased emphasis on neighbourhood watch groups and traditional police patrols.[8] Despite the controversies, in April after the elections Minister of National Security John Saldivar expressed his support for the GSU.[9] Less than a month later, the GSU conducted another controversial raid, this time on the Orange Walk Town home of McAfee computer security company founder John McAfee. The GSU killed his dog, confiscated his passport, and arrested him on weapons charges. McAfee maintained that the charges were false and that the raid was retaliation for his refusal to donate money to a UDP politician.[10]

Broccoli Cheese Soup
In this video, I use the broth I made the other day to make broccoli cheese soup. This is so comforting during the cold and rainy season. This soup is rich, thick, creamy and hearty.

The Belize Shark Project
Rachel Graham studies sharks. She live captures, measures, tags and releases them. When she asked if I would document some field work for her (actually it was an assignment for Men's Journal), I jumped at it. There is little I find more exciting or adrenaline pumping than swimming with a tiger shark, even if it is controlled by a line around its caudal fin. The film crew is from National Geographics "Born to Explore" series, and yes that is the star of the show Richard Wiese.

ICJ Presentation at SHJC
Sacred Heart Junior College students heard from the MoFA about the ICJ. "Both rooms were filled with SHJC students, faculty and staff as the representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented on the history of the Belize Guatemala land dispute and the referendum which will decide if both countries will take it to the International Court of Justice (ICJ)"

Belize Zoo Turned 30 Yesterday
Happy 30th birthday to the Belize Zoo! In other news, Pat the Jaguar's 2 cubs are doing great at the Milwaukee Zoo. "It's exactly 30 years to the day since TBZ Founding Director Sharon Matola nailed a little wooden hand painted sign to a little backyard zoo, cycled her bike down the road to the old Western Highway bar known as JB's, and announced "If anyone's bored, feel free to drop by Richard's Foster's place up the road, it's now a zoo." The sign read simply "The Belize Zoo," and has evolved from that last ditch effort to save a hand of wildlife to a stronghold for conservation and environmental education in Belize. We thank ALL our visitors, friends, and supporters that have joined us on an incredibly journey. Take a look at our brand new entrance sign, and here's to another 30 years. Happy Birthday, TBZ!!"

PD Change Of Command Ceremony
Yesterday, at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan,, command of the Belize Police Department was officially handed over to Allen Whylie, the newly named Commissioner. Best of luck! "After being sworn in by Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, the new Police Commissioner, Allen Whylie, spoke to the gathering saying, 'We are challenged with the issue of crime countrywide, but in particular, in Belize City. I want to tell you, don’t despair. I am committed; the leadership is committed; the government is committed to make the necessary change to ensure that the citizenry across this country, and in particular Belize City, can enjoy the level of safety and security that they deserve. And as we make this change today in the Belize Police Department, I want to ask the citizenry to partner with us, to walk with us on this journey that we can truly, truly be successful at the crime fighting efforts.' "

Chicken Bingo at Mr. Greedy's
Yes, you read it right. Chicken Bingo, where you can 'win a crapload of money.' You might be asking, 'They do what with that poor chicken?' It's a game where you can bet on the bingo squares, and if the chicken...does it's business...on that square, you win. They set up a big bingo board on Burns avenue so everyone can gather around. Mr. Greedy's will be doing Chicken Bingo on Wednesday nights, starting around 7pm.

Channel 7

Post Mortem Examinations Show...
From morning to evening, three post mortem examinations were conducted on the bodies of three of the dean street murder victims - 40 year old Keino Quallo (Quayle-lo), 30 year old Leonard "Ghost" Meyers and Albert "Long John" Fuentes. According to his family Ghost Meyers was stabbed 38 times, while Long John Fuentes was stabbed five times. The post mortem finished late this evening, and Monica Bodden spoke to the Meyers and Fuentes families just a short while ago. Fuentes's mother asked to appear off camera: Voice of: Mother of Albert Fuentes "When I arrive at the hospital I see that he had a big cut wound under his left eye and his chest. I wasn't happy with the one under his eye because that looked real deep; they dig it out. I ask the doctor if he could test his blood and he told me yes but he believe that it was something that they made him inhale and he told me that he could do it. He looks at me and he tells me that I am very smart because he was thinking the same thing. I believe that they were drugged before the murder happened." Monica Bodden "Did he mention to you if he will conduct these tests to find out if they were drugged or anything?" Mother of Albert Fuentes "Yes he did say that to me but when the post mortem finished he didn't tell me anything - they just handed me the certificate and that was it." Monica Bodden "So basically you guys didn't find out much from the post mortem?" Mother of Albert Fuentes "Nope, nothing else, that's all. They didn't even want friends to in. I ask to see his whole body and they only took him out like half way; I only saw up to his chest. All I can say that it felt like when I was giving birth; really hurt, like something that just rip from inside me especially to see him in that condition."

Was OW shooting Drug Related?
Tonight, 2 Orange Walk men are at the hospital recovering from serious gunshot injuries which they received last night in a shooting. They are 41 year-old Amin Mendez and his son-in-law 26 year-old Evander Bennett who were found lying in an alley in the Little England area of Orange Walk Town at around 8:40 p.m. The circumstances surrounding the near slaying of these men are peculiar, so 7News caught up with the Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, and he outlined the information they have so far: Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette - OC, Orange Walk Police "Last night sometime shortly after 8pm we received information of persons receiving gunshot injuries in the area of Little England. As a result we deployed two teams of police officers; one to Little England and the other to the Northern Regional Hospital where at the hospital they observed two male persons with multiple gunshot wounds. Those persons were later told to us are in stable condition. One was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for further treatment. Our investigation into this matter continues. We have been at the investigation immediately after receiving the information. What I can tell you is that we are looking for a particular suspect since then and as we speak we are still out there looking for this person." "We have not been able to confirm that information but we are working on it. We know for certain that after speaking to witnesses that both victims were in a conversation with the allege shooter a few minutes prior to the incident occurring." Daniel Ortiz "I have receive information that these individuals - the victims, are connected to underworld dealings here in Orange Walk. Do you believe that base on the information from police that that information is correct?" Sr. Supt. Joseph Myvette - OC, Orange Walk Police "No. At this point in time we will try to stick to the facts and if the facts prove otherwise then we will be able to say that."

Rosewood Still Rolling
There's a Rosewood moratorium in effect - but the illicit trade of the prized hardwood continues. Last night, though, villagers of Golden Stream led by the chairman of the Alcalde Association, Alfonso Caal stopped a trio of Chinese Rosewood smugglers who had amassed a thousand flitches of Rosewood. Around 7:00, Caal and some of his villagers heard the commotion and called police who took hours before an off duty officer finally showed up. They then called PGTV who got these images. KREM Journalist Yaya Marin was working with PGTV and today told KREM Radio that the Forestry and Police Officers on the scene appeared reluctant to make an arrest. Tomorrow morning at Golden Stream - the Minister of Forestry is expected to make a statement on Rosewood.

A Racecourse Robbery
Crime on the city's southside has been low this week as the police lockdown remains in effect for Western Dean Street an its adjoining areas. But that doesn't mean crime has stopped altogether. This afternoon at around 1:30 on Racecourse street two men held up a Chinese Grocer at Quan Sing Store. The female proprietor told us that one of the men had a long gun which he pointed at her, while the other stood watch at the entrance to her store which does not have burglar bars. They grabbed her boledo laptop computer and a small amount of cash from the drawer. She says this is the third time they have been the victims of armed robbers.

Whylie Assumes Command
Yesterday evening in Belmopan, Allen Whylie assumed command of the Department he entered 26 years earlier. The change of command ceremony was held at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan. Police Minister John Saldivar welcomed Whylie - and pointed to the tough job ahead:.. Hon. John Saldivar - Minister of Nat'l Security "We must re-align our human resources to provide us with the best possible mix in order to ensure continuous growth. Today we install a new leader for the police department; Deputy Commissioner Whylie. I have the utmost trust and tremendous vote of confidence in you. I expect that under your leadership that performance will exceed expectations and that you will hold with the standards of excellence that are the hallmark of the core values of the Belize Police Department." Allen Whylie - commissioner of police "We are challenged with the issue of crime countrywide but in particular in Belize City. I want to tell you that don't despair, I am committed - the leadership is committed, the government is committed to make the necessary change that the citizenry across this country and in particular Belize City can really enjoy the level of safety and security that they deserve and I will work tirelessly - the seniors officers and the members of this police department will work tirelessly."

Micah G. Gets Love
And one youth who would never end up in that facility is Micah Goodin. He did the right thing in high school - and got a scholarship for it - but was we told you last night, the funding has dried up - and now, with one semester left to go before he finishes sixth form - he can't pay his school fees. Well, that was yesterday, last night, several generous members of the public saw his plight, and they reached out a helping hand. We spoke to him this evening, and he had nothing but gratitude to the Belizean public for the assistance: A press release from Goodin's organization, Nation Builders National Youth Movement voiced its, quote, "utter disappointment in St. John's College Junior College and the Police Department's Community Policing Unit for their failure to properly manage and monitor the "Do the Right Thing" Scholarship Programme." End quote. They also demand an apology and a proper explanation of the situation to quote, "all students affected". Finally, the organization is calling on both institutions to try to find a replacement donor or donors for the program so that it can continue to provide for those needy students.

CEO Peter Allen Called Police On Irate Nurse
CEO in the Ministry of Health Dr Peter Allen had to call the police yesterday when an irate nurse would not leave his office. The nurse Dianne Pascascio told us that she was irate because Allen had long been victimizing her. She says it culminated this week when he blocked her from entering a training course being offered at the University of Belize. She says she went to his office in Belmopan and demanded answers - and that's when she claims he bumped into her - and claimed that she pushed him. Allen called the police, whose headquarters are in the adjoining building - but Nurse Pascascio was escorted out through the back before they arrived. Allen told us he has no personal grudge against Pascascio and wishes she had conducted herself with greater decorum. She told us she's had it with the CEO who has stalled her increments, and frustrated her in other ways. She told us she will still try and get into the training programme.

Cemetery Complaints Alive And Multiplying
For the past week, 7News has been following the less-than-smooth transition at the Cemetery as the Belize City Council has taken over management and control. Well tonight, undertaker David Coye, owner of the well-known Coye Funeral Parlor is the one kicking up dust. According to him, as part of City Hall's new rules are being enforced for everyone, except a select few. Here's how he explained it: David Coye - Coye Funeral Home "I have purchase that space to build a tomb for a funeral either Sunday or Monday. They denied my payment and they show me a notice on their wall that the new prices from $150 - it is now $250 just today and it comes with a new application fee of $25. They insist to me that I have to pay $1,000 so that City Councils' workers can build the tomb." "Goldbourne "Easy Glen" Adolphus went to purchase two spaces yesterday for an undertaker. I guess he is doing his hustling. He went there and they accepted his payment. Goldbourne doesn't have any construction business, no kind of business at all. Anyway they accepted his payment for two space and them some guys who claimed that they are relatives is building the tombs."

Butane Standards Coming In, Finally
Two years ago - we blew the lid off the butane scam that was stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from consumers annually. Since then, a lot has changed in terms of consumer consciousness -but sadly, in terms of regulation, a lot hasn't - and we'd hazard to say that the troubling status quo has been restored - much to the disadvantage of consumers. Butane trucks are not using scales and consumers aren't demanding it - and without that kind of check and balance- we'd guess that it's mostly business as usual in the butane trade. But, finally regulations and standards are being introduced. Most prominent among these is the requirement that all so called butane - which is really liquid petroleum gas - now be imported at a 60/40 mix - that's 60% propane and 40% butane. It's a major gain for consumers because when we tested two years ago, some of the so called butane out there was actually 90% propane or more - which burns much quicker than the 60/40 mix. The importers will have to show third party certification to prove that they are importing this mix. And the pricing regime will also change. Instead of reviewing invoices form suppliers - the price will now be tagged to an international index. According to an official release, The Bureau of standards will now embark on a phased-in compliance program which quote, "it aims to implement in the shortest possible time," - but does not state any specific timeline.

Man Died In Prison, Family Says Foul Play
Two weeks ago, we told you about 48 year old Florentino Ayala - the Orange Walk resident who was found dead inside his cell at the Belize Central Prison. According to CEO of the prison, Earl Jones, Ayala was found inside his cell at the special care section at around 7:30am on Monday. Jones said he was displaying signs of psychotic behavior, so he was placed there under special care for his own benefit. But today when 7news caught up with Ayala's family at the morgue - who were also waiting their turn for his Post Mortem to be conducted, they told us, they strongly believe that their loved one was murdered inside his cell since he was found with injuries over his body. Norma Ayala, Wife of Deceased "I was in Orange Walk that day on Tuesday morning when I received a notice from a man from August Pine Ridge not a police, not an official from prison. It a man from August Pine Ridge who call me and he gave me the notice. At that time I didn't know what to do - if to go back to the prison or the hospital or go back to my house. I wait for a time to decide what to do." Monica Bodden "So the villager came and told you that your husband died. I understand that you call the prison to inquire what happen. What were you told happen to him?" Norma Ayala, Wife of Deceased "The man that I spoke to told me that the police said that when they got the body from prison - that he had injuries all over his body. I don't know if that is true because I have not receive the body at this time." Monica Bodden "Who told you that at the prison?" Norma Ayala, Wife of Deceased "A man named Earl Jones."

A couple times on this newscast we've told you about Linda Blease - who's gained fame as an international DJ in demand in Kingston, Jamaica the most scene-setting city in the Caribbean. And while you know about the fame behind her name, you probably didn't know that Ms. Blease is actually a Caye Caulker Girl, raised by grandparents after - as she puts it - her mother "whipped out." That troubled beginning and her meteoric ascent to DJ dominance are the subjects of tonight's profile:..

"Ghost's" Family Gets Ready For Burial With Trepidation
As we told you at the top of the newscast, post mortem examinations were conducted on three of the four Dean Street murder victims today. They were all stabbed to death, and Leonard Ghost Meyers got it the worst: his mother claims he was stabbed over 30 times. But for the Meyers family, they now have to bury their loved one - which they plan to do on Sunday in their home of Gales Point. But they say police have already given them a warning - this is how they explained it to us today:.. Area Resident "They say that they will meet us through the coastal road. We won't have peace in burying our loved one?" Monica Bodden "That's what you guys heard?" Area Resident "Yes that they will meet us through the coastal road. Can't we have any peace since they had already messed up everything and now they are dealing with us like this. We are getting enough of this, we are grieving."

Fawda's "Mayday!"
And while those areas remain under guard, it's not enough to satisfy the always outspoken Phillip Fawda Henry. He's not letting the crime issue rest. He wants a curfew, a new government that is neither PUP nor UDP, a mass people's uprising and a whole lot more. He led a four person protest in downtown Belize city this afternoon where he entertained the media by scolding…you!:.. Phillip "Fawda" Henry - Protesting Crime/Government "I am here to show the Belizean citizen what they need to do; they need to step to the plate and care for their country and take it over. We need to get this in your living room people, wake up and smell the coffee. Belizean I think you all are the dumbest set because you all don't want to wake up. You all need to drink some gramoxzone and kill yourself because the two blue and the red they are misleading us and this nation is sinking like titanic and it is sinking rapidly. I don't want to be one of those ones who is saying mayday, mayday, mayday. We need to get to the point." Henry and his crew say they plan to have a larger protest soon.

Channel 5

Scouring for evidence where 4 men were gutted
The area surrounding Dean Street and Plues Street remains under heavy police guard tonight. This evening, the crime scene where four George Street gang members were massacred was re-visited by personnel wearing K.H.M.H. scrubs and the police looking for more evidence into Monday night’s mass murder of Keino Quallo, Albert “Long John” Fuentes, Leonard “Ghost” [...]

Families react at the result of post mortems
Earlier we told you that police were back at the scene of the murder of four George Street murders. Autopsies were conducted today on the bodies of the four   massacred sometime on Monday night at their apartments at the corner of Dean and Plues Streets. The George Street affiliates had a horrific death; they were [...]

US travel warning on Belize stops medical mission
Following the murder of the George Street associates, the U.S. Embassy issued a travel advisory for Belize regarding gang-related homicides. And though there was no indication of threats to U.S. citizens the release said quote “There is a possibility that retaliatory violence could take place. As a precaution, the Embassy’s Regional Security Officer has advised [...]

Ranguy in court for killing mother, sister and step-father
The man accused of the brutal murder of his mother, sister and stepfather in Ladyville was in court today. Twenty-six year old Jared Avery Ranguy has been behind bars since November twenty-second, when he was arraigned. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith this morning, represented by Attorney Arthur Saldivar. But since his case [...]

Near fatal shooting of two in Sugar City
Belize City has been quiet following the mass murders on Monday, but up north there was a near fatal shooting in Orange Walk Town on Wednesday night. The well-known businessman Amir Mendez Senior and Evander Bennett were engaged in an altercation with one Noel Zetina, who is evading police. It turned ugly for Mendez and [...]

Illegal rosewood harvested down south
A moratorium on the extraction of rosewood is still in place in the south and an assessment has reportedly not yet been completed, but the harvesting of the precious wood continues unabated in the Toledo District. On Wednesday night, a delivery truck preparing to load a large number of rosewood pieces was detected by the [...]

Will you walk for peace?
Stop the Violence! Today a mini peace walk was held in downtown Belize City. It was organized by former political aspirant, Phillip “Faada” Henry. The walk is as a result of massacre of the George Street four during the course of Monday night. The walk, which started at Battlefield Park, lasted only a few minutes [...]

No peace for undertakers; particularly Coye
Ever since the Belize City Council announced it would be taking over the responsibilities of building tombs and vaults at the Lord Ridge Cemetery and Eternal Gardens, undertakers briefly kept quiet on the decision. A few residents, however, have readily made their discontent known about the tombs built by City Hall. And one particular undertaker, [...]

Warrior and minor aggravated burglary charges
Eighteen year-old Jamel Warrior, along with a seventeen year-old minor, were jointly charged for aggravated burglary, following a break-in at the residence of Li Cheng Luo, proprietor of 88 Shopping Center on Neal’s Penn Road.  The duo is accused of entering Luo’s home on January fourth, and stealing over seven thousand dollars in items, including [...]

Police say international funding died for scholarship recipient
Do the Right Thing, is a youth oriented program devised by the Community Policing Unit. It looks for at-risk youths to recognize and invest in their future by awarding them scholarships. The 2010 third place winner, Micah Goodin was a poet whose thirst for thought provoking words, became quenched by advocacy.  Goodin became a founding [...]

Scholarship recipient and Nationbuilder mad
You heard the National Youth Program Coordinator mention that Goodin was the poster boy for the Do the Rait Thing Program. And though there was no malice and only a depleted program that caused the loss of the scholarship, the student blasted both his school and the youth program.   Micah Goodin, Lost Scholarship “Both [...]

Pomp and circumstance for changing of police command
The crime rate in Belize, particularly murders, has reached a historical high and it appears to only be getting worse with every violent killing, the heinous sexual crimes against women and children, the frequent shootings and other firearm related offences. With no change in sight, residents no longer feel safe and some have started seeing [...]

COLA says going to ICJ is unconstitutional
Citizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (COLA), is calling on citizens to reject taking the Belize/Guatemala dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  COLA says the decision to subject Belizeans to a one-sided decision and referendum should be considered unconstitutional. Geovanni Brackett, COLA’s President, says it attempts to circumvent the procedure established by our [...]

New Guatemalan Foreign Minister appointed
While on the referendum, there are major changes in the Guatemalan Foreign Ministry to report tonight. Foreign Minister Harold Caballeros has stepped down and is being replaced by Fernando Carrera, the Minister of Economic Planning and Programming for the Presidency. Caballeros, according to reports from Guatemala, is on his final mission to Kuwait where Guatemala [...]

Healthy Living assists children dealing with crisis
There have been countless stories, in this newscast and other media discussing the events that unfolded on Tuesday in Belize City. The debate on who did it, whether we over-reacted or who is to blame will likely continue to rage on.  The panicked shutdown of Belize City also led to the closure of schools; leaving [...]


Police Seek Men Following Reports of Carnal Knowledge and Teenage Pregnancy
Police are looking for two men following reports of carnal knowledge by two underage girls. In Orange Walk, a fifteen year old girl, accompanied by her mother, went to the police to report that on December fourteenth, the teenager had sexual intercourse with her boyfriend. ...

COLA Issues Updated Position Paper on Belize Guatemala Referendum
The group Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, best known by the acronym COLA has issued an update on its previous position paper opposing the proposed referendum on taking the unfounded Guatemalan claim to the ICJ. In its updated statement released today, COLA said that even...

Post Mortem Results Revealed on Recent Killings
Post mortem examinations on the bodies of three persons killed over the weekend have been completed. According to the results obtained by Dr. Hugh Sanchez, twenty two year old Feeshia Felix died as a result of severe brain injury due to gunshot injury to the head. Felix was...

US Residents Combines God and Basketball for Youths in Belize
The country was shaken on Monday when a gruesome scene of murder was uncovered in Belize City. Among the victims was an eighteen year old, making us wonder what awaits the youth in such a crime infested country. But it seems that there is hope for our youngsters as a group ...

Police News
Forty five year old Israel Ranchanran has been arrested and charged for the crime of drug trafficking after marijuana was found concealed in his underwear and on his person. Police say Rancharan and two other men were intercepted at a police check point between miles fifty five a...

Orange Walk Police Seek Man Following Shooting Incident
Two men of Orange Walk Town are hospitalized with gunshot wounds following a shooting last night. They are 41 year old Amin Mendez Sr. of Liberty Avenue Orange walk town and 26 year old Evander Bennett of Gravel Lane Orange Walk, both have been transported to the KHMH. ...

Four Men and A Teenager Charged With Aggravated Burglary
Five persons, among them a 17 old boy, have been charged in connection with an aggravated burglary which occurred on January 4, upstairs of 88 Restaurant, located at the corner of Neal Pen Road and Central American Boulevard. The adults are 19 year Jamel Warrior, 20 year old Mich...

Bus Driver and Conductor Busted
A bus driver and conductor today ran into trouble with the law. Acting upon information received Police searched a bus and discovered nine kilograms of suspected cannabis. Reports are that shortly after nine o’clock this morning a search was conducted on a D & E b...

Duo Remanded On Firearm Charges
Two persons, 18 year old Lyson Cacho and 20 year old Diondroy Mckoy, were charged with aggravated assault when they appeared in court today. They were also charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. They pled not guilty to the charges and they were remanded into cu...

Belizean Labourer Charged With Attempted Murder
Twenty-one Kenyon Dominguez, a laborer of Jasmine Street, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared in court today. Dominguez was also charged with aggravated assault, use of deadly means of harm and wounding. He was remanded into custody until February 22. The incident occurr...

Opposition Leader Makes Recommendations to Prime Minister
The Opposition People’s United Party yesterday offered the hand of cooperation to the government in a bi-partisan effort to address the crime situation in Belize. Prime Minister Dean Barrow publically welcomed the gesture from Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca during his mi...

Police: No New Developments In Quadruple Murder
Twenty four hours after the discovery of bodies of four men in an apartment building in Belize City, investigators are still trying to piece together clues that will tell them of a possible motive for the brutal slayings. Forty year old Keino Quallo, thirty year old Leonard Myers...

Prisoner Wounds Prison Officer
Twenty-nine year old Jermaine Belgrave, who is on remand on a charge of murder, was charged with wounding a prison officer when he appeared in court today. Belgrave pled not guilty to the charge. His case was adjourned until February 18. The incident occurred on January 2. Reports are ...


PUP calls for Commission of Inquiry into quadruple murders
The Opposition People’s United Party yesterday offered the hand of cooperation to the government in a bi-partisan effort to address the crime situation in Belize. Prime Minister Dean Barrow publically welcomed the gesture from Opposition Leader Francis Fonseca during his mid-afternoon press conference on Tuesday. Today, Fonseca issued a statement offering two recommendations for Prime Minister Dean Barrow to consider on the way forward. In a sit-down with reporters this afternoon at his law offices in Belize City, Fonseca said that since too many questions still linger about who may have committed the mass murder, the Prime Minister should appoint a Commission of Inquiry, which would once and for all dispel any suspicion of state-sponsored executions. The PUP leader also recommends that the government should desist from any facilitation of gang leaders. Love News asked Fonseca if he and the People’s United Party are categorically refusing any dialogue at all with gang leaders, even as he extended the hand of cooperation to work alongside the government in addressing the crime situation, which could include on the ground intervention in the crime-ridden areas. Fonseca says that he made the recommendations today after inter-party consultations following yesterday’s press conference by the Prime Minister.

Investigation of quadruple murder inches along
Twenty four hours after the discovery of bodies of four men in an apartment building in Belize City, investigators are still trying to piece together clues that will tell them of a possible motive for the brutal slayings. Forty year old Keino Quallo, thirty year old Leonard Myers, nineteen year old Albert Fuentes and twenty eight year old Anthony Perez were found dead by police just before eight o’clock on Tuesday morning in an apartment building at the corner of Dean and Plues streets. An official police report issued today said that the bodies of Quallo, Perez and Fuentes were found in the corridor of the apartments whilst the body of Myers was found inside bedroom number nine. Police say all four men had multiple stab wounds to their bodies. During the Prime Minister’s press conference yesterday afternoon, Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie announced that a team of three senior police officers, headed by the head of CIB Alden Dawson as the lead investigator was assigned to the case. During the press conference it was also announced that a special proclamation was being prepared which would have the effect of sealing off what has been described as Zone four, inclusive of the George Street area of Belize City. Prime Minister Barrow told the nation that an intermediary was being designated for residents of the area to be able to share information with the police. And just as a liaison was set up for the residents of the George Street area to communicate with the police, the Prime Minister also announced that Deputy Commissioner of Police Elodio Aragon, Junior was the point man for the media to get official information on the quadruple homicides. Today, Aragon, told Love News that there has been no new developments in the investigation.

New COMPOL takes over command of Police Department
The handing over of command of the Belize Police Department took place this afternoon in the nation’s capital. Correspondent Fem Cruz was present for the pomp and pageantry and files this report.

Inmate charged with wounding prison officer
Twenty-nine year old Jermaine Belgrave, who is on remand on a charge of murder, was charged with wounding a prison officer when he appeared in court today. Belgrave pled not guilty to the charge. His case was adjourned until February 18. The incident occurred on January 2. Reports are that Belgrave and three other prisoners got into an altercation and Belgrave managed to overpower one of them and take away a prison made knife. When prison officer Isidiro Yam intervened he was wounded on his arm.

Laborer charged with attempted murder
Twenty-one Kenyon Dominguez, a laborer of Jasmine Street, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared in court today. Dominguez was also charged with aggravated assault, use of deadly means of harm and wounding. He was remanded into custody until February 22. The incident occurred around 9:20 a.m. on January 6. Twenty-five year old Justin Richards reported to the police that he and Leroy Zuniga Jr. were standing on Flambouyant Street when Dominguez rode up to them on a beach cruiser bicycle and fired a shot at them which grazed him on his lower back. Zuniga was unhurt. Dominguez was positively identified as the gunman in an identification parade that was held yesterday.

Duo charged with aggravated assault
Two persons, 18 year old Lyson Cacho and 20 year old Diondroy Mckoy, were charged with aggravated assault when they appeared in court today. They were also charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. They pled not guilty to the charges and they were remanded into custody until February 20. The aggravated assault occurred on January 7. Akeem Augustine reported to the police that while he was riding his bicycle at the junction of M and M Street and Lacroix Boulevard two persons rode up behind him on bicycles and one of them pointed a firearm at him and told him that the next time they see him they will kill him. Augustine reported the incident to the police and as a result the police went to a house at Cet Site where the two defendants reside. The police reported that when they arrived the two defendants locked themselves in a room and they saw when a firearm was thrown through a window. The police reported that when they retrieved the firearm it was a point 38 pistol with five rounds of ammunition.

Visiting US University students engage in service learning program
A group of doctors from the Western Kentucky University in the United States is visiting Belize on its eight year of its service learning program. This morning Love News caught up with them and spoke with the Director of the Belize Learning Program, Dental Director Daniel Carter. As part of their program, today rural nurses underwent a special training at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City and family medicine physician, Sherry Jones told us what it was about. Jones said the nurses showed a lot of interest and excitement in the training and Carter told us that he has been able to adapt to the culture making his experience a good one every time he visits Belize.

Dangriga awaits cruise ship docking
A cruise ship will be docking in southern Belize at the Commerce Bight Port early next week. Correspondent Harry Arzu has the details. Earlier this week we reported that the Orange Walk Town Council had expressed concern at the appointment of the new liquor licensing board in that municipality. Deputy Mayor Josue Carballo told Love News they were not satisfied with the members of the new board and the way they were appointed.

Double Head Cabbage resident wins big Christmas prize
The twelve days of Christmas have come and gone. But for one family in Double Head Cabbage the season of giving and receiving extended to this afternoon. Love TV’s Natalie Novelo and video journalist Myles Gillett went to the Belize River Valley today to bring you the following story.