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This Week's Stories:

  • From Jail To Jail Again - Puc Is back In Jail:
    the community for the New Year is said to have occurred a mere ten hours after the passage of the old year. In this incident, an estranged boyfriend, fresh out of prison, is reported to have attacked and inflicted five stab wounds to a former girlfriend. San Ignacio police reports that acting on a 911 call at around 10:45 on New Yearís Day, a team of policemen rushed to #12 on 15th Street where they encountered a bleeding woman standing outside the house. She was later identified as Julisa Flores, 25, Guatemalan laborer of the same address. The accused, later identified as Alvin Puc, 31, Belizean laborer residing in the village of San Jose Succotz, was encountered on the scene in the custody of a group of neighbors who had effected a citizensí arrest.
  • Recording The Passing Of Mr. Godsman Ellis:
    It is with profound sadness that we record the January 9, 2013 passing of a pioneering Belizean, Mr. Godsman Celestino Ellis, 83. Godsman Celestino Ellis was born in Honduras on November 9, 1929. He passed away on January 9, 2013, exactly two months after his 83rd birthday. Although he was born in Honduras, his visionary Belizean father by birth decided it would be best to register his son in British Honduras. When Godsman Ellis was only eight months old his father returned to British Honduras where Godsman would spend the rest of his life. He attended Sacred Heart Primary School in Dangriga up until he was ten years of age, when he was approached by an instructor named Eric Sebastian requesting for Godsman to accompany him to Xaibe Village in the Corozal District where he completed his primary education. It was in the Corozal District that the young Godsman Ellis was afforded the opportunity to learn the Spanish language. It was also in Corozal that he discovered his appreciation for the Maya culture.
  • Cousin Charged in Cousinís Stabbing Death:
    Ten days after the December 21, 2012 stabbing death of a Santa Elena man, police is reporting the arrest and incarceration of the man they believe committed the crime. The accused murderer Joseph August, 22, was first detained shortly after December 22 discovery of the body of Rene Vera inside the bedroom of his residence on Bishop Martin Street in Santa Elena. Although August was reportedly found with scratch wounds to various parts of the body, the evidence was reportedly insufficient to proceed with the murder charge. He was held for the prescribed 48 hours and was released.
  • Conorque And Gongora Facing Assault Charges:
    A man who is said to have used a knife and a gun to assault a male resident of Esperanza Village was today remanded to prison on two aggravated assault charges while his young accomplice, similarly charged, was freed on a three thousand dollar bail. San Ignacio police reports that at around 7:00 pm on Sunday, December 30, 2012, the victim, Gabriel Pennil, 30, Belizean farmer of Esperanza Village departed the home a friend he visited in Georgeville Village. Pennil was reportedly on his way to the bus stop in Georgeville, when in the area of the basketball court, he was attacked by two male persons he has known for over eight years. In a statement to the police the victim informed that one of the male persons pulled out a knife with a wooden handle, from his waist and advanced towards him in a stabbing motion. He said that the second person ordered him not to make any foolish moves. He identified the attackers as Jovan Conorque and Brandon Gongora.
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