Thought the reporters and producers on this did a good and very comprehensive job, more or less fair to everybody. Belize, San Pedro and the government and McAfee's neighbors came off pretty well.

McAfee, not so much. In my opinion, he came across, especially in the interviews toward the end, as another Lance Armstrong. Only less truthful and more paranoid.

Some tidbits that I hadn't heard reported before; such as that McAfee rented Greg Faull's North Ambergris house in the early days when he was trying to do his "natural" pharmaceuticals, and left the house totally trashed. That was before the on-going dispute over McAfee's dogs and thuggish security guys. McAfee's claim that he hardly knew Faull is, at best, a little shaky.

Don't know if the truth will ever come out, but I bet professional investigators and an aggressive prosecutor could build quite a case.