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Who are you,
Do you actually care, are you making money off this? I am not sure this I a way
To solve the case. I really feel for the family and community that were a part of his everyday life and considered him as family.
This is tragic and they are working on solving the case . I don't know if you have a motive $ .
This is a tourist type of board and this will effect the lively hoods of many.
Really ,is this the place ?

You are right, this is a tourist board. You do know that John has shed a very unpleasant light on your country? You can let him continue to bad mouth you and disrupt the livelihood you need - or you can take your fight to the next level and talk about it on my board and expose his fraud ass. You are the people who know what is in the know.

I have not made a nickle. I do care. My only motivation is to seek justice for the Faull family and help you keep cruise ships from cancelling your port.

My address is above - I don't even run ads. Help me and help the Faull family.