The logo is fine. Intel will change their logo to separate the stench of McAfee. Visually similar logo's can cause controversy and law suits. is not a business.
The first step would be a legal take down notice, which I have not received.

As for the name, you can not copyright a proper name.

The site is only a few days old and is already generating close to 800 hits a day. I have another blog online and it generates about 800 hits as well. The original blog spiked to over 10,000 hits when Dateline did their expose.

I am aware that a comment section does not appear on the front page, you need to click the article name and then you have a comments section.

Witnesses will come forward, people will start talking about their experiences with his dope and when the money dries up his pubescent call girls will tell the truth about their ages and experiences. It's a waiting game.

In the mean time you are aware that you have a pimp in your town selling children to tourists. He is a prime topic of conversation. He should not escape his 15 minutes of fame.