Something should be pointed out, this is not the John McAfee Message Board it's the Ambergris Caye Message Board. McAfee's not here man! No one is trying to hide anything, posts are usually only removed when they get into the realm of utter bullshit, libel, hate, personal attacks and spam (spam comes in many forms.)

Most people are sick and tired hearing the name Mcafee, the Macaphytes and their detractors. Someone has created a site and hopefully it will become the centre of all this discussion instead of here on the message board.

It should also be noted that posting libelous information on the message board puts the proprietor at risk (this has been discussed in depth before and doesn't need to be rehashed). While we may all agree with the accusations above they are still libelous and this is not the forum for them to be posted. If you wish to take on the liability of posting them on your own site all the power to you but enough people have been hurt by McAfee and Marty doesn't need or deserve to be one of them.

(That's kind way of asking you to delete them please.)