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This Week's Stories:

  • Barroom Brawl Lands B.D.F Behind Bars:
    A heated argument which began inside a popular nightclub in San Ignacio Town culminated in near fatality. In the incident two on-duty security guards emerged with serious cut wounds while a police special constable was stabbed in the arm and the three alleged aggressors were badly beaten. The incident reportedly began inside the Blue Angels Nightclub at around 2 0’clock on the morning of Sunday, January 20, 2013. It is reported that the incident began when the attention of Jermaine Pandy, one of the club’s security guards, was drawn to difficulties a colleague guard, David Wright, was experiencing at the top of the entrance stairs, as he was seeking to eject two male persons from the club.
  • Rene Montero At Work:
    Although it is early into his second term in office, Hon. Rene Montero, Minister of Works and Transport is certainly not committing the errors of the past. He is not leaving things for the last few months before the next general elections as his works in the constituency continues. The road into Hillview up to Eden Adventist High School has been paved with the commitment to completing the paving of that entire stretch of access road into the Hillview community a project which has been promised by several Area Representatives dating as far back as to the days of the PUP’s Daniel Silva Jr. The Hon. Rene Montero is making reality his promise to the people living in the Hillview Community.
  • Letters: Police Covering For Police:
    Your comment in last week’s edition of the STAR is indeed a valid one. It is no secret that the police covers up for police. They go to every means to cover the corrupt activities of those within their ranks. Apart from covering up the involvement of fellow policemen in drug trafficking and other corrupt activities, they also cover up the abusive domestic violence of those within their ranks. My sister lives with a jealous policeman and whenever he comes home drunk, which is increasing in frequency, he never fails to administers a severe beating on her.
  • Letters: We Now Have An Adequate Supply Of Vehicles:
    There was a time in the recent past when the police was operating with scarce transport. The problem was brought to Government’s attention and the matter was quickly addressed. We are now in a much better position. We no longer transport prisoners in an open back vehicle as they get wet when it rains on the road to and from prison. Today we have a new enclosed van to transport prisoners. Our vehicle supply is now adequate and for this we thank the government of Belize in general and the Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar in particular.
  • Belize Wins First-Ever Copa Centroamerican Game:
    Belize won its first-ever game at the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana and grabbed the inside track on an automatic berth in the CONCACAF Gold Cup with a thrilling 2-1 victory over Nicaragua on Tuesday at the Estadio Nacional. The scoreboard was opened against the run of play in the 29th minute, when Midfielder Trevor Lennen ran onto a ball at the top of the box, and rifled a shot into the back of the net that Nicaraguan goalkeeper Denis Espinoza could do little about. Nicaragua continued to press, but it was Belize that nearly extended its lead two minutes before the half. Harrison Rochez shot strongly from the top of the box, but his drive was denied by a diving Espinoza, and Lennen's follow up shot rolled just wide of the Nicaraguan goal, sending the game to halftime with Belize up one.
  • North Korea 'Plans Third Nuclear Test':
    with plans for a third nuclear test. In a statement carried by KCNA news agency, the country's top military body said the "high-level nuclear test" and more long-range rocket launches were aimed at its "arch-enemy", the US. The statement gave no time-frame for the test. North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests, in 2006 and 2009. The move comes two days after a UN Security Council resolution condemned Pyongyang's recent rocket launch.
  • Mexican Man Barbecued Neighbour’s Dogs:
    A municipal police official in northern Mexico says officers have arrested a man who confessed to killing his neighbour’s three dogs and barbecuing them. Police spokesman Adrian Sanchez says the arrest was made late on Tuesday based on an emergency call about a fight in the streets. Police said on Wednesday that Ulises Rodela, 39, was a confronted by his neighbour and told him he turned the dogs over to animal control upon finding them in the street. The owner told police that animal control had no record of receiving the dogs. Police said Rodela then confessed to barbecuing the dogs. Officials were still trying to confirm whether Rodela sold the meat.
  • Female Smoking Death Risk 'Has Soared':
    News Changing habits such as starting earlier and smoking more cigarettes have been blamed for the dramatically increased risks of lung cancer. The trends, reported in the New England Journal of Medicine, show death rates in women have caught up with men. The study looked at data from more than two million women in the US. The first generation of women smokers started during the 1950s and 60s. In those early years, women who smoked were nearly three times more likely to die from lung cancer as people who had never smoked.
  • Thousands Of Venezuelans In Pro-Democracy Rallies:
    Allies of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and the opposition have taken part in separate rallies to celebrate the end of military dictatorship. Thousands of "Chavistas" took to the streets of the capital, Caracas, while their opponents held a smaller event. The opposition used the date to criticise the government's handling of Mr Chavez's absence for illness. President Chavez has not been seen or heard since an operation six weeks ago to treat an undisclosed cancer.
  • UB Partners With EU: Masters & PhD Scholarships Opportunities:
    The opportunity for Belizeans to pursue a Masters or a PhD degree is available once again through a program offered by the nation’s tertiary institution, the University of Belize. The European Union project has provided funding for the scholarships through “The Caribbean-Pacific Islands Mobility Scheme (CARPIMS). CARPIMS II is funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission and is designed to facilitate the movement of Masters and PhD students and staff among a consortium of Universities from the Caribbean and Pacific regions. The program aims at building capacity and encouraging socioeconomic development in each country and each region.
  • Venezuela Vice-President Claims Assassination Plot:
    Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s vice-president, claims the government has uncovered a plot to assassinate him and Diosdado Cabello, head of the national assembly. Mr Maduro said groups have been followed for weeks that “have the goal of trying to kill” him and Mr Cabello. “For that reason, they’ve said that we’re fighting because their macabre and criminal move is to make attempts against our lives – something they won’t achieve – and later on try to blame one or the other,” he told supporters.
  • UB Producing Almost 500 Qualified Students This Time:
    The University of Belize (UB) continues to build national capacity and human capital for socioeconomic development of Belize. Students who have successfully completed their course of study at the University of Belize will receive their diplomas at the Associate, Bachelor, Certificate and Diploma levels on Saturday January 26, at the University’s Sixteenth Commencement Exercises, Central Campus, Belmopan.
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