The Belize Basketball Association is looking for the best basketball players under the age of 19 to take to Cleveland Ohio for the King James Tournament.

Last year, in national tryouts, they picked from 220 of Belize best teenaged basket-ballers, and now, this year's recruitment process has commenced.

Coach Bernie Tarr says he wants the best to come out starting tomorrow in San Ignacio:

Coach Bernie Tarr - Recruiting High school Basketball Athletes
"We start in San Ignacio, 5 o'clock in Falcon Field. We'll hit all the districts. And again, it's for any boy high school basketball player who wants to try out. It's an open try out. And from that list, we'll narrow it down. Last year, we had close to about 220 athletes who tried out district-wide, and we want to pass that number. I am always about improving and getting better, so I want to see as many kids out as possible. The King James Tournament is one of the best recruiting tools if your goal and dream is to play college basketball. It is open to Division 1, Division 2, Junior College scouting services that attend these games. In the footage that I gave you, you'll see a line of college coaches along the baseline, probably about 30 to 40 coaches who watched us and followed us throughout the tournament last year. So, if you want to get recruited, this is the best way it do. Last year, we faced teams who was six-eleven, six-ten, six-eight, very skilled teams, very organized, a lot of structure. There were two teams from Canada which also came, so we were only the first truly international team which participated. The level of competition is going to be best, and that's why all the college coaches go to this event."

On Friday, they'll be in Belmopan. For the full schedule, log unto You can Contact Coach Tarr at 622-1145.

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