‘An active maze’ is one way of describing the road works that have made motorists search for alternate routes to reach their destination in Belize City. That is because today’s route to work may not be open this Thursday, as the repairs to the city streets are being carried out at a furious pace. The city bond that was the personal success of Mayor Bradley will also fund the rehabilitation of the roundabout that encloses the Caribbean flag monument at the entrance to Belize City.


Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

Darrell Bradley

“We want to start the right now but we are learning a little bit in terms of the traffic flow. So we, we are just adjusting our schedules to see when would be the most appropriate time to do that. We are looking at possibly Easter. That work will not take very long but whenever you do work on that round about, it will be major disruption and so we are seeing if we could free up some of the other streets and then we would address that and we also took the suggestion that was recommended the last time so that for those projects that would require interruption in the traffic flow. We are trying to see with the contractors if they could work in the early mornings, in the night time and we are trying to put in place designs that would ensure that at no time those roads would be closed down. So when we are talking about the northern highway, the contractor has to ensure that the highway itself is at no time closed down.”

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