Teacher certification forum

There been enough talk about primary school teachers who donít yet have a certificate in their field of work. While many of them do have degrees, their lack of pedagogical training prompted the Ministry of Education to introduce a certificate in primary education program. Almost five years later, four cohorts have passed through the program. Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Chris Aird told Love News that of the 850 teachers who need their certification, some 200 are left to enroll in it.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, facilitated the program with funding from the Japanese Government. UNESCOís Education Program Manager, Robert Parua, said that teacher education is one of the core areas that the organization tries to advance on.

Aird says that the Ministry of Education will carry out the programme until all uncertified teachers get their certification. The Japanese Government provided 200 thousand dollars for the project.