planning a trip to CC in late april. I have been researching and slowly falling in love with this island. I am looking for basic accomodations.Clean, bright, studio, 1 bed, window, bathroom, fridge. not sure if i'll need air conditioner. would like to bring my 11 pound dog. I am a middle-aged woman who will be traveling alone. I would like a fairly quiet, but not remote, safe, clean place to stay. Any recommendations? Also, I know swimming pools are not a big thing on the island, but i do love to swim, I would like more basic accomodations than a hotel, but would like access to a pool. would i be allowed to use a hotel pool if i'm not a guest??? I don't want to offend anybody by asking when i get there. Or is the split really ok for someone who likes to do a few laps? If i leave my dog unattended where I'm staying, she'll be safe, right? Thanks so much.

~i wanna go slow~