Plug this MagicJack PLUS K1103 USB phone jack into your phone and connect to either your computer or electrical outlet to make and receive local, long-distance and international calls using your high-speed Internet connection (service fees apply; 1 year of service included).
Product Features
Make and receive local and long-distance calls
To and from anywhere in the United States and Canada or internationally using your high-speed Internet connection and an existing home or business phone. 1 year of service included.
Transfer your existing landline number or create a new unique number
To facilitate personal communication.
Allows callers to leave a message if you aren't available to answer your phone. Also includes directory assistance support.
Caller ID
Easily identifies the caller.
Call waiting
Allows you to place a caller on hold while answering another call.
911 emergency calling support
Helps to alert emergency services when you need help.

$160.00 BZD Call 624-3976 Mine works most of the time without a VPN