Today, the standard five class at St. Edmond Campeon Roman Catholic School in Teakettle Village had one empty seat among its 31 students. That was for 11 year old Monique Moore, who was bitten by a snake on Sunday night - and died, 24 hours later, at 7:15 last night. Today we spoke to her family about the tragic loss:..

Jules Vasquez reporting
15 year old Amelisha Reyes and her 11 year old cousin Monique Moore were walking here on Young Gial Road in Teakettle on Sunday night. The streetlight isn't working. In the dark, the two girls joked about a drunken man on a bicycle and then suddenly:

Amelisha Reyes, Cousin of Deceased
"We went down the road laughing and when we reach she said see the dude there and then when I turn and watch I saw her kick her foot like this and then she pull back and I told her a snake and she said yes I know it bite me. I ask her where and she showed me the two bite marks. I took her sandals and I told her to hurry up so we can tell somebody. We cross the fence and when I was going in she held my hand and watches me and tells me that she feel dizzy. I told her that we soon reach and then she let go my hands and fainted right there and she got a seizure or something."

From there the two walked up this hill to the church to find their parents, but Monique never made it. Adults put her in a vehicle to rush her to the hospital:

Amelisha Reyes, Cousin of Deceased
"I watch at her and her lips were purple. We went and pray and her tears ran down and when we reach we rushed her to the emergency room."

But there was no respirator there and they had to rush the child to the city:

Dianelli Matute, Cousin of Deceased
"They had to rush her to Belize City and I heard something about the ambulance; it wasn't available and at KHMH they did everything they could have done to help her but they said that it's not the snake bite that she died from; it's the heart, she had a heart attack."

Monique died at 7:15 last night - and now as these children walk the Young Gial Road everyday there's always a reminder:

Amelisha Reyes, Cousin of Deceased
"Every time when I pass there I remember that. Back here needs lots more lights because it is dark."

The family believes it was a Coral Snake which they say are often seen in the area.

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