There is a bench warrant with Mayor Darrell Bradley's name on it. The document is dated December 2012, and it could be activated depending what happens in the Supreme Court tomorrow. The warrant is part of a bundle of legal papers filed with the court in which Belize Waste Control wants the court to cite Mayor Bradley for contempt.

It stems from a 2.3 million dollar arbitration award granted to Waste Control against the city council in 2009 - when Bradley was the City's attorney. Back then, as attorney, he said the city would pay the debt monthly, but it never did - not even when he became mayor. And so in 2012, Waste Control attorney Fred Lumor got the court to agree that Waste Control's constitutional rights had been violated and the money should be paid forthwith. Again, it was not, and so now Lumor wants the court to cite the mayor for contempt. If such a citation is made, then the bench warrant to commit him for not paying the monies owed will be activated. We could not reach Bradley for comment - but will tell you the outcome of tomorrow's hearing before Justice Michelle Arana.

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