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This Week's Stories:

  • The Low Key Appearance Of Bert Vasquez:
    In the absence of all the hype and public assembly in front of the police station in San Ignacio on the two previous occasions when Bert Vasquez, the accused murderer of Jasmine Lowe, appeared in San Ignacio court, his third appearance today went almost unnoticed. Is it a case of the public losing interest in the matter? Is it a case of the case gone cold? Can it be a case of the public forgetting the adjournment date? Can today’s low key appearance of the accused murderer be attributed to the absence of policemen who crave the media and public spotlight resulting in neither the media nor the public being alerted of today’s event?
  • Businessman Busted With Undeclared Cash:
    A businessman from San Ignacio Town today pled guilty to the offence of failure to declare money in excess of the stipulated ten thousand Belize dollars A police report informs that Suresh Jaisinghnai was detained at the Phillip S.W Goldson International Airport after he was found in possession of nine thousand two hundred and seventy six thousand US dollars just as he was attempting to board an international flight.
  • Jorge David Moro Dies In Car Crash:
    Relatives of a deceased taxi driver are today making arrangement to lay him to rest while they are still struggling to come to terms with the sudden change in their lives. The deceased Belizean taxi driver, , from San Ignacio, Cayo, was last seen by his wife Azucena shortly after 8:00 am on Tuesday, February 26 as he left home to transport their children to school. He reportedly departed from San Ignacio shortly thereafter on a regular charter trip eastward to Belize City to drop off a businessman.
  • Amazing Voter Turnout In San Antonio Village:
    The almost 62% voter turnout in San Antonio Village for today’s United Democratic Party convention to elect a candidate to contest the upcoming village council elections is nothing short of AMAZING!!! With 972 voters on the list for this village, a whopping 601 voters today made their way to the community center to cast their ballots. There was a steady stream of voters from the time the polling station was declared open at 9:00 am right up to closing time at 4:00 pm. The two candidates in the race were Rene Canto the incumbent chairman of the village and Cruz Mai, himself a former chairman of the village.
  • Prohibiting Vehicular Traffic On Burn Avenue:
    A work crew from the Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) was this week busy replacing all the plastic manhole covers with more durable metal ones on Burns Avenue in San Ignacio Town. The changing of manhole covers became necessary when several of them were broken due to the load of vehicular traffic on the carriageway. While the Town Council had initially announced that vehicular traffic would not be allowed to transit the area, it nonetheless began experimenting with allowing them to do so. The experiment has resulted in damages to the pavers. The Town Council is now contemplating to revert to the original plan of prohibiting vehicular traffic in the area.
  • Mexico Union Leader Elba Esther Gordillo Arrested:
    Union head Elba Esther Gordillo, known as Mexico's most powerful woman, has been arrested on corruption charges. Ms Gordillo, who runs the 1.5 million-member Mexican teachers' union, is alleged to have embezzled more than $156m from union funds. No-one from her legal team has responded to the allegations, but in the past she has denied any wrongdoing. Her arrest came a day after the government enacted major reforms to the education system.
  • Nation Builders Commits To Championing National Youth Policy:
    The Nation Builders national youth movement celebrates today’s launching of the NationalYouth Policy, as it will further empower young people. Since the inception of our movement, almost a year ago, the National Youth Policy has been one of our key demands, as the lack of a comprehensive youth development strategy has been a major setback in the creation of an enabling environment for our young people to become fully productive citizens.
  • Belizeans Must Become More Nationalistic To Save Their Country From Guatemala:
    The British landed in Belize in 1638 long before Guatemala ever dreamt of become a nation state and still Guatemala is claiming our country up to this day. Why? Because in the early part of Belize’s history, the British had no intention of making Belize one of their colonies until 1862. If the British wanted to obtain Belize as their property, they had several opportunities when they signed treaties with Spain to make it their territory. This was done because the British settlers who lived in Belize loved the country and exerted pressure on the British to grant them colony status. Also, the settlers fought in the Battle of Saint George Cay on the 10thof September 1797 to drive the Spanish out of Belize. This day should have been the Independence Day for the country of Belize because of its significance in demonstrating our forefathers true nationalism when many of them died in defense of our homeland.
  • St. Ignatius Students Expressing Their Views:
    I am a student attending St. Ignatius High School and I am concerned about the dramatic increase of unemployment in our country. This has been the highest recorded for the past fourteen years. As we face changing occurrences, our country can only become better and better or worse and worse. However, the extensive increase in unemployment only makes our nation worsen. Research shows that the main reason our population suffers from unemployment is because of lack of education combined with the advancement of technology.
  • Pay The Boys:
    There is an issue that I thought should be addressed. Our Men’s National Football Team – The Belize Jaguars – recently qualified to play in the Central American Gold cup. This is the first time we as a country have ever qualified for such a tournament and we are proud of the men for having achieved such a historical accomplishment for our country. Now, we also know that sports in this country doesn’t pay, and I’m proposing to the government to pay our players a suitable sum of money for the next six months in order for them to train hard and not have to concentrate on their job and practice after work. It would only be for a short period of time. Our players need to train to get to their highest potential.
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