The Forestry department attended the school as soon as this was reported to them by the Belize Wildlife Conservation Network. The monkey was no longer at the school but was in the custody of someone else. The monkey was retrieved by the Forestry department and transported to Belize City where it was examined by a vet. The Monkey may lose an eye. It is not thought that he has any broken bones, but is bruised and also has a few cuts.
Depending on the outcome of his recovery, this monkey may be released, released after rehab, or euthanised.

Just in case anyone is not aware, there is a wildlife hotline that is free for BTL users. You can call this hotline number for any wildlife issues. The line is answered 24 hours a day, all calls will be answered. The Forestry department will be notified, and it will normally be up to them how they decide to respond. After hours in emergency cases, someone from the Belize Conservation Wildlife Network may give advice, or may transport wildlife to a vet. Otherwise the responsibility for all wildlife is vested with the Forestry department.

SMART users unfortunately cannot connect to BTL freephone numbers, but the number is the same without the 0800. Please make a note of this number, put it in your smartphone as a contact, or stick it on your fridge with a magnet.

Belize Wildlife Hotline
BTL: 0800 822 8888 --- SMART: 822 8888
Or 605 8888