58 prominent residents of Belize City were honored this morning by having streets named after them. This ceremony was part of the one-year anniversary of the Councilís election which happened on todayís date last year. The youngest recipient is 13 year old Rowan Garel, a visually impaired boy who raises awareness of the plight of disabled individuals in Belize by fundraising with daring expeditions such as climbing to the top of Victoria Peak and walking across the breadth of Belize from San Ignacio to Belize City. Political figures among the honorees included Governor General Sir Colville Young, Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow, Nicholas Pollard Jr and Sr., Philippa Griffith Bailey, Minister of State Santino Castillo Jr among others. Three long standing Belize City Council employees, Cynthia Nunez, Helen Ledlon and Hector Conorquie as well as late City Councilor Andrew Faber will also have streets named after them. The honorees will have streets in Freetown and Caribbean Shores area north and east of Coney Drive named after them.