Need of my neighbors has dogs that they totally neglect....chained up on extremely short chains 24/7, scarce food, no water unless I provide it, surrounded by their own feces, covered by ticks/flies/fleas etc. I do what I can for them so they don't suffer so much but I feel so helpless in this situation. I bugged SAGA till they came out and gave the people a warning but things changed for one day and then they were back to the same neglect stating that they are too busy. I called SAGA yesterday and supposedly they will come out again but I'm not too hopeful.
Now before I get lectured that this is the culture and that not every animal can be saved let me say that I understand that. Everyday I pass starving neglected dogs on the streets of San Pedro and I know I can't save them all but it's very difficult to deal with this cruelty and neglect when it's right in your own backyard.
Any advice?