I live next door to these 3 poor creatures, i love all animals, and cant believe anyone would have 3 young dogs that arent pets, are guard dogs and arent feed or watered. I feel like putting them in a cagew and giving them to SAGA to find a true pet lover. By the way the owners are not Bealizean and admit they dont have time to take care of them. True belize is a very good friend and a most caring animal lover. I feel like chaining the owners up for a week with no food ., drink or place to poop and it might just teach them a lesson.
All three have been let off the short chains, they dont wonder off they are just so playful and wanting attention. But getting anything done seems very slow and difficult, unlike USA or UK when the authorities have real powers and can prosecute people who have no right to own ANYTHING on 4 legs. Lets hope people power works