Hospice is great. They assisted me with both my farther and a few months later my mother. Understanding what is going on is very important.

On a side note by coincidence I was reading a home town newspaper on line this morning and a new business has been born in this area. I think this shows that more people are accepting and preparing for death as just another part of the cycle of life. This could be a good way to ease the pain, if done correctly of the ones you leave behind. Here is the article:

You can have the last word in this life. In fact, you can have the last word played on a continuous loop.

And your last word can live forever, long after you have not.

Preston Alexander can keep your words in this world for eternity by posting them on his website.

He also has helped increase attendance at the high tea for the Historical Society.

Alexander is the owner, operator and work force at Rock Street Studio on Rock Street, a company he began three years ago in a former ophthalmologist office across the street from the former District Court.

Each time those videos are played at board meetings or fundraising events, he gets more calls, Alexander said.

Some of those have been by individuals asking for videos to commemorate their wedding. Others said they wanted to leave something personal to friends and family when they go.

Those questions lead to Heritage Memorial Films, which Alexander launched this year.

Alexander produced videos that are intended to be shown at a memorial service after a person dies. Usually, the videos are shown on a screen in the funeral home at a wake. They incorporate music, quotations, pictures from a person’s life and testimonials from family and friends, if that is wanted. The video can run on a continuous loop through the wake.

Alexander takes old photographs, retouches them in Photoshop, assembles the video and then burns everything, including the retouched photos, onto a DVD for the client.

As a marketing tool, Alexander produced a Memorial Tribute to himself — actually he created a fictional twin brother — so he could use his own childhood and early-adult pictures in the tribute. He also filmed himself giving a tribute to his fictional twin brother, signing off, “So long, Bro.”

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