A man is in the KHMH with a shattered pelvis after he was shot by a senior public officer this weekend in San Pedro. It happened on Easter Sunday night around 8:30 pm at the Holiday Inn Hotel, which is in downtown San Pedro on Barrier Reef drive. Police say 29 year old Allen Ajay Martinez and 40 year old Reynaldo Verde got into a fight.

Things escalated and Verde - who is second in charge at the Sales Tax Office - pulled his licensed weapon and shot Allen in the left hip. The bullet exited his buttocks and Allen had to be rushed to the City in a Coast Guard vessel. He was brought to the Princess Pier where a police truck took him to the KHMH.

Allen is originally a resident of Belize City who has relocated to San Pedro. His friends say that he was playing with his son and accidentally spilled Verde's drink - and that's what started the fight. He remains hospitalized with a serious injury to his pelvis.

We could not reach Verde for comment as he is detained by police. Police have not said what he will be charged with - and describe the incident on the press release only as a shooting. We'll keep following the story.

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