A Photo Documentary Exhibit by Norris Hall


I COULD BE WRONG .. BUT .. SPRINGFIELD IS AN ORTHODOX MENNONITE Village, not Amish. There is a difference.

in my interviews the participants confirmed that they are Amish. And that there are seven such settlements in Belize.

I was only inquiring.. for discussion, I'll suggest I was wrong.. learn something every day.. thanx Norris. I will be at the presentation.. that' s for sure.. count me in. thank you.

Healthy dialogue! According to my source in Springfield, the Amish came to Belize in the mid 70's from the United States and, as I said earlier, there are seven such setttlements scattered around Belize. The fundamental difference is that unlike the traditional Mennonites, they are resistant to adapting to modern technology. The orthodox Mennonites are Canadians but similar to the Amish in lifestyle.