Immerse yourself in Maya Culture!

Juuntulico’on is a diverse volunteer group who is dedicated to sustaining Maya cultural heritage for future generations. This Maya initiative main goal is to prevent the loss of valuable cultural practices, including herbal healing, history, mythology and music; and to renew the cultural pride and awareness among the younger generations. We are registered as a Non-Government Organization in Belize.

Our May 4th event, “Explore Maya Culture” will allow the participants hands-on experience on the various aspects of the culture: medicine, botany, cuisine and music.

This first fund-raising event scheduled for May 4th, is geared to conduct an educational program in July by Bruce Love, PhD., an expert on Maya glyphs. The 2-day program will teach educators, tour guides, and Maya leaders how to read the glyphs. It will include both lecture at Maya Center and practical sessions at Nim Li Punit ruins.

Come join us and support a worthy cause!