Dead fish float near Orange Walk Toll Bridge

The Department of the Environment is investigating reports of a fish kill in the New River near the toll bridge. There are reports of fish kills in the same area at least once every year, and every year it is blamed on some material being pumped into the river by the Belize Sugar Industryís factory. The D.O.E. reports that it has investigated and has ascertained that there is a fish kill concentrated in the area near the toll bridge, and has also observed that there are small fish on the surface of the water which seem to be in some distress. At news time today the D.O.E. has not been able to come to a definitive conclusion on the cause of the fish kill pending the results of lab tests on water samples. The department has stated, however, that it takes the matter very seriously and will be conducting follow up investigations and continuing its monitoring of the river. B.S.I. has denied that any material was pumped into the river which would affect the riverís ecosystem.

Channel 5