We are two very trustworthy women living in Florida(retired law enforcement and ex U.S. Marine and Navy). Both or us are extremely reliable and trustworthy and are over 50 years old. We are non-smokers and very, very light drinkers and absolutely no drugs.

We have hopes of purchasing a home in San Pedro in about a year and need a place to live in the meantime. We are wondering if anyone needs someone to house sit, pet sit,supervise workers, etc? We want a place to stay while we learn about the area and complete required paperwork.

We are coming to Ambergris Caye June 8th to 17th for a short trip to see how we like it and try to line up a temporary home. Then we plan on coming back to our home state of Florida and making arrangements so that we can return within a month or two to live there.

Right now we are just trying now to find out about possibilities that may be out there so we can meet people and take a look while we are there in June.

We would be happy to answer any questions posed to us so that you can make the best referrals.

Kindest Regards
Paula and Kim