It hailed in Corozal on Thursday May 2nd, 2013

Hailing In The North

There was a brief hailstorm this afternoon in the Northern Corozal District. At around 2:30, hail poured down over the villages of Libertad, Ranchito, Santa Rita and Corozal Town.

Forecaster at the Met Office Frank Tench says itís the product of very intense thunderstorm in the upper atmosphere. He said itís typical of the months of April and May when very hot daytime temperatures create the right atmospheric conditions for the freak weather event.

Tench says that during these thunderstorms, water vapor condenses into ice pellets, some of which stay frozen enough to fall out of the clouds as hail.

Channel 7

Hail Storm Reported In Northern Belize

It is not a regular occurrence but this afternoon, some parts of Corozal Town experienced a hailstorm. Residents heard what sounded like loud bangs against their rooftops and windows and when they came outside to see what it was, they witnessed marble sized hailstones.

The pictures that residents of the Corozal District shared with us captured hail that crashed to the earth between three and four oíclock this evening. Some of the hailstones, as evidenced in the container, were the size of ping pong balls. Others picked them up and held them in their hands before they melted away.

There was no report of damages as a result of the phenomenon, which came after a night of heavy thunder and lightning in the Corozal District. Hail fell in the same District a few years ago.