I met Joe about 2 years ago. He was a recently retired oil worker that had worked pretty much anywhere in the world where there is oil.
He lived at the Conch Shell Hotel and Casino (as he called it)
He was a regular at Cholos.
He was a regular at the Pier Lounge.
He had a boat that he brought down that I donít think he ever took for a ride more that 5 times.
I used to bitch at him about the stupid I/O engine and how it would not work here.
To my knowledge he never pissed off anyone here. He was a gentle man with a good heart.
He heard I was an ex biker and brought me down a Harley phone--no strings attached.
I will miss the old fart a lot. Boy he had some stories to tell about the real condition of the planet--as he had seen all of it.
He died last Wednesday in a New Orleans V. A. hospital.
The phone works great.
Peace Brother.