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This Week's Stories:

  • Burke Charged For Slusher’s Death:
    Preparations are underway for the Saturday morning, May 11, funeral service in Gales Point, Manatee, for Shaheem Slusher, 19, the latest victim of murder in the western twin municipalities. At around 6:00 pm on Friday, May 3, 2013, after receiving his pay for the week Shaheem left the construction site on Carillo Puerto Avenue in Santa Elena on his way home. He normally rides a bicycle to work but walked home on Friday as he told coworkers earlier that the bicycle had a flat tire. As is said to be customary when returning home after work, he stopped by the Macal River for a wash off swim before heading home. It is reported that on this occasion he came in contact with a man and three females socializing behind the Coconutz bar on the San Ignacio Bank of the Macal River where an argument reportedly first started with one of the females. The argument reportedly extended into a physical confrontation with the girl’s boyfriend. In the confrontation the boyfriend reportedly pulled out a pen knife from wearing, flipped out the blade and rushed to the victim inflicting a first stab wound to the right side to the neck.
  • Contrabanding Guatemalan Hens:
    A joint Belize Defence Force and Benque Viejo police operations resulted in the interception of a shipment of 500 live chickens originating from a neighboring Guatemalan village with reported destination to a western village on the Belize side of the border. It was shortly after 8:00 am on Monday, May 6, 2013, near Calla Creek Village on the Belize side of the border, when the joint team came upon a maroon Isuzu Trooper pulling a trailer stacked with wooden crates containing live chickens. The investigation revealed that the cargo of 500 laying hens originated in Santa Rosa, Peten, Guatemala and was reportedly intended to be delivered to an egg production farm in Valley of Peace, a community of mostly Hispanic villagers, located behind Roaring Creek Village near Belmopan.
  • Santa Elena Primary School Open Day Invitation:
    We would like to invite you to attend our School Open Day on May 13, 2013. This is a great opportunity for you to have a better understanding of our school vision and mission; our educational philosophy; our teachers and students at SEPS. For the past three years the teachers at SEPS have been involved in a Teacher Leadership Program, focusing on Educational Leadership and Teacher Efficacy. They strive to be: ‘Engaging Teachers who ENGAGE all students’. Come see the changes that have taken place in our school community that has lowered truancy and behavioral problems. Our teachers at SEPS are Education’ and children are experiencing the JOY OF LEARNING. At Santa Elena Primary School we are excited to share with the general public skills and strategies they have learned through the Teacher Leadership Program.
  • Two More Stolen Guns In Illegal Hands:
    This week we bring to the public’s attention yet another reported but unreported major crime, as no arrest has been made resulting in no official release from the police as the public remains ignorant of another major crime and potential danger lurking out there. We were reliably informed that sometime last Sunday, May 5, the Unitedville home of Belizean laborer, Kent Smith, 51, was burglarized. The identified stolen items include a point 223 semi-automatic rifle; a twelve gauge shotgun and five twelve gauge cartridges. It is strongly suspected that the burglary was committed or masterminded by someone who is familiar with Smith’s activities and that the guns and bullets were the specific items of choice.
  • Keynote Address by the Honorable Gaspar Vega, Opening Ceremony for the National Agriculture and Trade Show 2013:
    Ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant good afternoon to all of you. Once again, it gives me great pleasure to address you, at this, my second Agriculture and Trade Show as Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture. This afternoon I am particularly proud, as this new Multipurpose Centre we are using represents the start of a five year redevelopment programme for the Show Grounds. These grounds, all sixty acres, are truly a national asset and we must treat it as such. When you consider the rich history of the Agriculture Show and its prominent place in Belizean culture, then I dare say this is really a National Heritage Site. This year’s theme “Stimulating Prosperity in Agriculture and Food Production Through Renewed Public- Private Partnership” captures the essence of the work the Ministry is undertaking. We are very much aware that for us to succeed, the active participation of private sector stakeholders in the work of the Ministry is vital. We facilitate, the private sector invest profitably, Belize and all Belizeans prosper!
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