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This Week's Stories:

  • No Arrest In Security Guard’s Murder:
    An arrest is yet to be made in the most recent murder of an on-duty security guard even after the recovery of the guard’s stolen license firearm and the detention of two suspects. San Ignacio police reports that at about 7:45 pm on Friday, May 10, 2013, information was received via the emergency 911 line of a shooting incident at Kenny’s Store located on Flamingo Avenue in San Ignacio Town. A team of officers were quickly dispatched to the scene where they were told that the injured guard was rushed to the San Ignacio On arrival at the hospital, the guard identified as Randy Casey, 23, of Camalote Village, Cayo District was pronounced dead with two gunshot wounds to the left side of the chest and a third on the lower left side of the abdomen.
  • Something Does Not Seem Right In The Pinelo Arrest:
    Primary school teacher Eddie Pinelo has been in jail for a week on allegations that he sodomized a 14 year old student. Pinelo has since been remanded to prison while his family has enlisted the services of an attorney to secure his release by way of a Supreme Court bail. In a statement to the police the boy alleges that sometime in April of this year, the teacher invited him to his house in Bullet Tree village where it is alleged that he was offered and consumed alcoholic beverages to the extent of getting drunk. The boy said that all he recalled was being lifted by the accused and taken off to a bedroom where he was allegedly sodomized by the teacher. They boy accompanied by the legally required medical examination. The medical doctor who performed the examination reportedly came to the conclusion that there was no evidence that the child was carnally known. And that should have been the end of the story.
  • New Developments In Overnight And Cruise Sectors:
    There is fantastic news to report in the Tourism travel industry. Hot on the heels of the release of record breaking tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2013, new flights and cruise calls to Belize were announced for the final quarter of the year. Starting in November, Delta Airlines will be adding another Saturday flight from Atlanta to Belize. Delta currently deploys seven flights a week (one flight per day) to Belize, increasing its total number of flights to eight per week (twice on Saturdays). This is an additional 596 seats per month, and will be a permanent addition to Delta’s schedule to Belize. In addition, American Airlines will be increasing its Dallas to Belize flights from three weekly flights to seven flights per week (one flight daily), providing a total of six hundred additional seats in the month of October. BTB’s Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, Alyssa Carnegie, commented, “This is fantastic news. The Tourism Industry is doing so well that even the airlines have seen a need to increase flights, and these flights are being increased during a time that was generally considered to be a slow time for traveling by air. It shows amazing growth and more opportunities for the industry and Belize.”
  • Guatemalan Sent To Jail For Five Years:
    A Guatemalan, apprehended in the Chiquibul National Park, has been sentenced to spend the next five years behind bars after pleading guilty to keeping firearm and ammunition without a gun license. It was shortly after 6:00 pm on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, when a joint forces team of law enforcement personnel on patrol in the Chiquibul National Park came upon two Hispanic male persons walking suspiciously in the area. The police ordered them to halt but they instead ran off. The police caught up with one of them who had a gun slung over the left shoulder. On inspection the gun was found to be a point 22 rifle without serial number and brand. Police also found seven live point 22 bullets in the front left pocket of the pants the Guatemalan was wearing.
  • The Belize Cancer Society – San Ignacio Branch:
    takes this opportunity to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all the donors who assisted in making its educational Open Day on Saturday, May 11, 2013 a success. These include: · Belize Electric Co. Ltd. (BECOL) · Bowen & Bowen · Central Cable Vision · Flame’s Auto Shop · Oye FM · STAR Newspaper A very special thanks also goes out to our healthcare professionals – Dr. Ramon Figueroa, Nurse Rosita Figueroa of the San Ignacio Community Hospital and Nurse Dolly Witz of the Belize Family Life Association who gave of their time and services throughout the Open Day. To the families within our community who donated cupcakes and juices for our booth visitors we also extend a sincere thank you.
  • The City Prepares For 2013 Hurricane Season While Cayo Slumbers:
    The 2013 Hurricane Season is almost upon us. The Belize City Council is busy preparing the city’s emergency evacuation route; there will be 70 evacuation route signs installed along the emergency route as well as hosting Disaster Preparedness Training for the City's Operation Management and Shelter Management Team. We commend the City for these actions and it points out the obvious lack of concern for those of us living downstream of BECOL’s dams. Does BECOL and the other relevant bodies responsible for the safety of people downstream of the dams have any plans in place? Has there been any meetings, simulations, communications with the villagers, townspeople and all those along the Macal, Mopan and Belize Rivers? We recently spoke to villagers in the area and they said the last time there had been any information about disaster preparedness was two or more years ago – about the last time BELPO took the Department of Environment, NEMO and BECOL to court. Maybe they are waiting for a disaster to happen before action is taken. If so, it may be too late for too many.
  • Call to Artists for the ‘National Song Competition 2013’:
    National Celebrations Commission in association with Atlantic International Bank invites musicians, performing artists and songwriters from every level to submit songs in each of the two categories, which include the BELIZE SONG COMPETITION and the Carnival Song Competition (juniors and seniors). The BELIZE SONG must be a dedication to Belize as a country, our way of life, our culture. The Belize Song should evoke a call to build community spirit and national pride, be one that inspires national unity and must be memorable with popular and emotional appeal. The Belize Song must seek to replicate a Belizean flavor in any musical genre that is Rhythm and Blues (R&B), Jazz, Alternative, Soca, Reggae, Dancehall or any other genre selected by the artist. The Carnival Song must be of Belizean flavor and evoke our unbridled celebratory spirit at our time of National Celebrations, promote a free revelry, filled with the essence of Belizean culture and overall merriment of Carnival and our celebrations. Entries will be judged on: Audience Appeal; Musical Arrangement; Vocal Quality; Lyrical Content and Stage Presence.
  • Benque Viejo Community Policing Unit:
    The RC school in Succotz Village, has seen its share of criminal activity this week, (1) a victim of a burglary & theft, (2) finding drugs on campus. Because of these recent events the principle Mr. Viviany Teul, and teachers decided to invite the community policing unit of the Benque Viejo Sub-Formation to school for a basic education on community policing, neighborhood watch, youth cadets, Special Constables, Great program, and other relevant topics of the day. The community policing officer PC Mckoy, had planned to give the presentation, however a previous commitment for special training by the US Embassy prevented him, so Special Constable Mr. Samuel Bruce was called in to assist on Thursday 9-5-13. The students met in the classroom of one the schools most experienced teachers, and a vital member of the Zone 4 Neighborhood Watch Program in Benque Viejo, class teacher Mrs. Isela Tesucum.
  • Pope Francis hits out at global 'cult of money':
    Pope Francis has called on world leaders to end the "cult of money" and to do more for the poor, in his first major speech on the financial crisis. Free market economics had created a tyranny, in which people were valued only by their ability to consume, the pontiff told diplomats in the Vatican. "Money has to serve, not to rule," he said, urging ethical financial reforms. Meanwhile, the Vatican's own bank announced it would publish its annual report for the first time. The Institute for Works of Religion, which has been at the centre of various financial scandals in recent years, is to hire an external accountancy firm to ensure it meets international standards against money laundering.
  • Ten Reasons Why Buggery Should Not Be Decriminalised:
    The Caribbean Centre for Family and Human Rights (CARIFAM) recognizes the fundamental and intrinsic dignity of all people whatever their orientation. We recognize that for reasons not yet fully explained by science, persons may experience attraction to members of their own sex. Overcoming these attractions can be a very painful challenge requiring the support, understanding and compassion of others. For this reason we distinguish between those who have a homosexual tendency and those who promote homosexuality. Our opposition to legalizing buggery (homosexual acts) is not an opposition to gay people but a recognition that marriage as between one man and one woman is for the common good – in the best interests of society. Our reasoning is as follows:- 1. Decriminalising buggery means legalizing homosexuality. This opens the door for the legalization of, every conceivable form of sexual perversion as a “sexual orientation” or “alternative lifestyle”.
  • Costa Rica's president in scandal over 'drugs' jet:
    Revelations that Costa Rica's president used the jet of a Colombian with alleged links to drugs trafficking have led to three high-profile resignations. The head of intelligence and security, Mauricio Boraschi, and presidential aide Irene Pacheco stepped down on Thursday. Communications Minister Francisco Chacon resigned on Wednesday. President Laura Chinchilla travelled twice on Gabriel Morales Fallon's jet. She said "a few key people" had failed in their duties to protect her. President Chinchilla is said to have used the jet in March to fly to Venezuela for the funeral of the former leader Hugo Chavez. She then used the plane again last weekend for a private trip to Peru. But it has since emerged that both the jet, and its owner Gabriel Morales Fallon, were under investigation by Costa Rican intelligence officials for possible ties to drug trafficking.
  • Official Results Of The 12 May 2013 Village Council Elections:
  • Mexico official fired for daughter's 'abuse of power':
    Nieto has fired a senior official over an incident caused by his daughter at an exclusive restaurant last month. Humberto Benitez Trevino's daughter caused outrage by using his influence to try to close down the bistro after it did not give her a table she wanted. The episode sparked a discussion about abuse of power in the country. The sacking suggests that Mexico has grown more sensitive to the issue, correspondents say. The episode became a trending topic on Twitter under the hashtag #ladyprofeco, after her father's agency. Mt Benitez, the attorney-general for consumer protection, and his daughter both apologised, but this did little to appease public anger.
  • Argentina ex-military leader Jorge Rafael Videla dies:
    Jorge Rafael Videla has died aged 87 while serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity. He is reported to have died from natural causes in prison. The general was jailed in 2010 for the deaths of 31 dissidents during the 1976-83 military dictatorship, of which he was overall leader until 1981. Up to 30,000 people were tortured and killed during this period, in a campaign known as the "Dirty War". Gen Videla had been sentenced to life in prison for torture, murder and other crimes in 1985, but was pardoned in 1990 under an amnesty given by the president at the time, Carlos Menem. In April 2010, the Supreme Court upheld a 2007 federal court move to overturn his pardon.
  • Trafficking Gang 'Smuggled Bangladeshis Into Brazil':
    Brazilian police say they have identified a gang specialising in trafficking Bangladeshi nationals into the country. About 80 workers have been lured by their own countrymen with promises of earning up to $1,500 (£985) a month. But they ended up as slave labour in order to pay their smugglers nearly $10,000, police say. South America's biggest economy has recently seen a steep rise in cases of illegal immigration. The smugglers explored routes across the borders of Peru, Bolivia and Guyana to enter Brazil, investigators said.
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