You know I have never thought of Memorial Day as a Black and White thing. I served with a good number of Blacks and all of us are brothers with never a thought of race. The armed services are one place that is race neutral, at least in modern times.

Why someone would chose to bring this up and to send people to a partisan political site is a little troublesome. I guess the Progresses, if you are one, just canít miss a chance to divide Americans. In a few minutes of reading on that site I see several issues where they are trying to do just that on several issues and it is sad that now Memorial Day would be used in such a fashion. A MoveOn.Org site is not where you should go for information on Memorial Day. Want the real deal, talk to Ernie, Mike and the other veterans who message on this site. All of us who have different political ideas but stand united on this issue.

Personally I do not care just how Memorial Day got started. Iíll think of it as a day to remember all of men and women who serve and served in the Armed Forces and I think most veterans will remember it the same way. Maybe we should "move on" from past injustices that do not now exist and accept the day for what it is.

Formerly from somewhere on a beach in Belize