Separate incidents of dishonesty have left two San Pedro business establishments short of over $30,000 combined. The first is a case of burglary reported by a 52 year old American businessman. According to the victim, the burglary at his home on North San Pedro happened sometime between 7:30 pm and 10:30 pm on Thursday, May 23. Taken in the burglary was an assortment of jewellery and electronic items with a combined value of $21,660. Police say they have detained one man and are looking for another in connection with this burglary. The second incident appears to be a case of embezzlement. A 62 year old German national, who owns a restaurant in San Pedro town reported to police that while taking inventory of cheques issued for payments, he noticed that between the Fourth and the Fifteenth of May cash and cheques amounting to $10,143.71 were drawn on his business account. The blame for the illegal transactions is being laid at the hands of the accounting clerk and police are investigating.