Of note, the Placencia Tour Guides wrote that letter of support in 2011 and only approved ships of less than 500 passengers/one ship per day/ 3 times per week. Crawl Caye was not in play at the time, so what was not discussed was
-Enviromnental destruction of Crawl Caye and reef
-Crawl Caye is in Sout Water Caye Marine Reserve and is a Unesco Heritage site. Belize will loose its designation as such if we allow any development in the reserve
-Crawl Caye proposal is a self contained caye. The cruise ship has control over everything, including tour operators and guides, who approved a tourist village on the village, open to villagers so they can access passengers for trips. This proposal shuts them all out.
This is such a bad idea, the PM will be embarassed it has gotten this far with Cabinet.

Belize based travel specialist
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