Companies Near the New River Contribute to Recent Fish Kill; Investigation Ongoing

At the beginning of April residents of Orange Walk who live near the New River reported a fish kill. Following the reports, the Department of the Environment sent a team to investigate the cause of the dead fishes and other species in the Eco-environment.

The investigation is ongoing, but so far LOVE NEWS understands that the investigation found the fish kill is as a result of increased water temperature in the river water. The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be that the fish kill as a result of chemicals dumped into the river. What is known so far is that a certain company, of four which are on the banks of the New River, dumps boiling water into the river. The boiling water drastically increases the river water temperature consuming the oxygen that fishes need for survival eventually putting them into distress and die. Since April, the DOE has been meeting with all the companies that operate near to the New River to find ways in which this issue can be addressed and we are reliably informed that the DOE is getting the full cooperation of the companies. Experts in the field told LOVE NEWS that while boiling water is dumped in the river most times of the year, the situation gets worse during the sunny and dry season. Like we said, the investigation is ongoing and we will have more information on this in our subsequent news reports.